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Another thread start from me, I'm afraid. But I really like this guy and he might be a possible Ulmo:
Benedict Wong.
Idris Elba is a really good actor. He could be Ulmo, or Oromë (I suggested Jason Momoa but he could be a good Ulmo also). Perhaps that would be better.
I second that!

I totally do!

The thought had never even crossed my mind, but yes!

Ken Watanabe as Ulmo, hands down for me, he is brilliant!

*goes fangirl mode on and explodes*
It seems that, based on the discussion in the casting session, maybe Jason Momoa is a natural choice.
I finally signed up here specifically to express my strong positive feelings about Jason Momoa as Ulmo. Much as I do appreciate the other actors listed above, I really do think he's a natural choice in every possible way.
I think Momoa is an excellent choice. Some of my reasons for not suggesting him here had to do with the fact that I was promoting him to play Oromë.
I know the decision's been already made...

but I can't hold myself from commenting. Lawrence Makoare would have been my choice.

But like most of the cast so far very well.