West Beleriand


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These are lands consisting mostly of hills, lowlands, and plains and bottomlands. The rivers Sirion and Narog run south towards the Bay of Balar (and join). A lot of places will become well known as our story moves along, but for now I suggest we get a general idea. People will be passing through this season.

There are some forests, Brethil and Nimbrethil for example. These, as well as specific areas like Arvernien, could be dealt with in future threads, as well as in this general one.
Also worth mentioning though is that close to the Forest of Brethil are moorlands (later called Moors of the Nibin-Noeg). upload_2018-2-27_14-17-9.jpeg


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Rolling hills, "flowering meads" (meadows, I think), copses and groves and woodlands, the cliff-like line of hills called Andram. Under the Sun, due to the highlands that protect it from the cold north winds and possibly Melian's influence, it's temperate and resembles modern (pre-industrial) West Europe in climate, not Ice Age Europe.

Despite the map showing forests only in select places, I think a good deal of it probably has (or is growing, or will grow) woodland areas, possibly scattered among open grasslands and wooded steppes. I wouldn't be utterly clear-cut like modern Europe, but then again it isn't necessarily as thickly forested as early Holocene Europe. The existence of "meads" means that despite its apparently Holocene climate and the presence of Melian, it hasn't all become covered in climax forests. I don't know why ... maybe it's slightly drier than Holocene Europe? Or maybe the forests in most places grew VERY slowly before the Sun rose.
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