What Server is the Kinship on?

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  1. Richard

    Richard New Member

    Im just wondering what server the kinship is on? I don't see that info posted anywhere that I can find.
    EDIT! Never mind, i just saw the information on the forum. Not sure how to delete this yet hence the Edit Note.
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  2. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    No problem Richard! Landroval, as I'm sure you saw. Corey and I are talking about creating Mythgard kinships on the servers we visit, but unless there are people who will develop those kinships there, they are likely to be pretty low on any kind of group activities outside class. It WOULD be fun to have Mythgard kins on every server!
  3. Sporozc09

    Sporozc09 New Member

    I would be much more likely to make toons on other servers if there were Mythgard kinship branches there. Mythgard is the reason I play on Landroval, just sayin'...
  4. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    Well, we are creating Mythgard kinships as we go. Last week Crickhollow, we picked up quite a number of members from the Landroval who had created toons there. We'll be establishing Mythgard on Arkenstone for tomorrow.
  5. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    I did not know this. I have been considering making characters on more servers, since I haven't tried out all the classes yet, and this provides extra incentive, thank you :D
  6. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    We'll be more or less a "billboard" kinship unless players on the other servers want to get something oing...though we DID get a very generous donation on Arkenstone the other night to buy a kin house when we are allowed to (takes 6-7 weeks from formation). So it's possible that we could end up with kin houses on multiple servers if members want to donate toward it, which would be nice for people with alts to use for the storage if nothing else.
  7. Frejya Evenstar

    Frejya Evenstar New Member

    Hi there - what is the name of the Kinship on the Landroval server in LOTRO? You may see me asking questions hither and thither as I am a newbie and trying to find out info - and there are so many places to ask and look up info..... I want to start a new character on the right server to join the main Mythgard Kinship (when I feel ready for that) .... thanks.
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  8. Sanswinda

    Sanswinda Moderator

    The name of the kinship on Landroval is Mythgard.

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