What to expect - guidlines for the season.


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As you may know by now, the casting process of the Silmarillion Film Project goes something like this:
First, the Execs decide the rough story outline of the season, with the help of us trusty listerners/contributors, especially the script team. At this point, we get an idea of what characters will be active in the story. A decision is also made on what the frame setting will be, and we get a (perhaps vague) idea on the characters involved in the frame. At this point, we're free to post casting suggestions - but please remember that things aren't set in stone yet, we could make decisions that might make your suggestion irrelevant or slightly wrong.
Then we probably will have a podcast session in which we go through variuos ideas about possible characters, and make firmer decisions. We try to decide things that give a clearer sense of what kind of actor or actress we are looking for. This will happen quite a long way into the season. After that, the casting search will probably become more intense.
Towards the end of the season, we open the Nominations subforum. We then typically nominate at least two actors or actresses for each role, but try to make it three per character. The nominations period is just a few weeks, so if you're interested in making an impact, you should be keeping your watchful eye open for signs of the launch of this. Rules for the nominations will be posted and easy to follow. At the end of that period, I will post a link to a voting poll form where you can choose your preferred nominees. Shortly after that, the Execs will host a pod session in which the winners will be presented and the Execs will decide if they accept them or use their veto (which is rare).
There you go, don't hesitate to ask if there's anything that is unclear!

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