Bombadil costumes


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As you know i am not always completely up to date withnthe current state of the silmfilm seasons...
As i like to look back on the earlier material sometimes.

This might seem odd but, did we ever talk about Bombadils looks?
I mean, the Tom we all know and love , we kniw what he looks like... but that is the late Bombadil who dresses like some Eriadorian or hobbit woodsman or farmer.

He certainly did not look exactly like this in the elder days?
I wonder... what what have been his gear before? Like in the early days of the shaping of the world, the wanderings of the elves from cuivienen, the days of the Edain?

Would he have dressed in plant fibres or bast like some stone age man?
Not sure what Tom wears in the First Age, but minimum one article of clothing must at least semi-rhyme with "Bombadillo".
He's a real ol' caudillo
Hitting like don camillo
Hides his grillo
Under a pillow
Still low
On armadillo formed phyllo
While he still owe
A billow
Almost a kilo
To the chillo
Vanillo gill ho
Who will show

No single piece of clothing found...
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I think we should stick to his color scheme - bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.

So, even if he isn't dressed like a late Third Age Breelander, he could still be wearing bright blue and bright yellow.
Maybe a sombrerillo
And a tuxedillo or lacinillo
Twisted from phragmitillo
Or maybe bastillo
And on his left and right toe
Knit from som blue flo?
He could wear a funny hat, but likely not yet made of felt...
Grasses maybe? Straw could be yellow




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The blue though...





I could imagine clothing made of leafs, grasses, flowers...
He has no contact to civilized cultures i suppose, so he would make such clothes by himself

Like this? I could see that...
As long as it doesn't seem to suggest he possibly killed the birds, which i doubt he'd do.

Like this? I could see that...
As long as it doesn't seem to suggest he possibly killed the birds, which i doubt he'd do.

He is long-lived, even if he gets a feather as a present once a year he will soon have enough...
These costumes look amazing, and I like how people make them from things like hay. The last thing you forgot to add in this look is "Pointed old hat" to look exactly like Tom Bombadill. I can understand your thoughts on style changing, but it's a positive thing for me because more and more people are into this character and bringing something new in his style. All of us need some changes in life from time to time, and if it's ok, then why does such a character like Tom not deserve it? I also used to order prom outfits for guys, and now a hoodie is my best friend, so you never know what changes are waiting for you.
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He cannot look like a human of later ages... but i'll try to make his hat more pointed...
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