Casting Draft for The Fall of Gondolin


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after seeing her pictures I think she could play Elwing, she does have something swan-like about her...


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What about emilio rivera as lorgan?

Some other ideas:

Tuor - jake gyllenhaal
Turgon - joaquin phoenix
Voronwe - oliver jackson cohen
Ecthelion - daniel cudmore
Penlodh - joe manganiello
Rog - brian steele
Pengolodh - adrian brody
Idril - dakota fanning
Glorfindel - ryker lynch
Annael - karl markovics
Meleth - maia mitchell
Rian - soirche ronan
Thorondor - michael imperioli
Celebrimbor - lucas cruinkdhank
Turin - ethan peck
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some pics to backup my suggestions...
The Guy has a good acting career playing Villains, i think he could be a very good Lorgan:

he's 36, maybe a bit old for Tuor, but i think he still could do the Job... Tuor is a much softer and nicer character than Beren or Turin are, a person that is empathic to Animals, yet rugged and a lone wanderer, I think Gyllenhaal has the aura of Tuor:

Phoenix is 42, I think he has the face to Play an Elf Lord in his mid-circle, he#s only 5' 8" but I think we could solve that easily:

Jackson-Cohen is 30, Voronwe is half-Noldo-half Sinda and i think jackson-cohen has the dreamy look of a sea-longing Elf:


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cudmore is 6 ft 6.5 in and has also worked as a Stuntman, I think he could play Ecthelion, the great Warrior who killed a Balrog and he hads the right face for a Noldo Noble:

Steele has a more outstanding face, we would depart a bit from our common elf-beau image, but i would like that, to have a more rough looking Elf Veteran here:

Brody is probably a bit too big as an actor for a side-character such as Pengolodh, on the other hand i don#t know how big his part could be in a movie adaption, i think he has the right face for a Noldo Scholar and he could add some warmth and wit to out Gondolindrim cast:

Dakota Fanning is just.... well otherworldly! I think she would be perfect as Idril:

Lynch is only 25 but he#s 6' 1½" . hes more known as a musician but has done some acting and i think out Glorfindel might still be a relatively young Elf, i think he could do the job:

Markovics is an austrian actor, not well known internationally, but he has the face i would like for Annael, whom i imagine as an aging Sinda-Chieftain:

Mitchell is only 24, maybe a bit young for a nurse, but on the other hand she#s an Elf and she could contrast well with Dakota Fanning. I guess she could be a Sinda or maybe Nando:

Ronan is 23, almost Rian#s Age, and i think she has the look for a Woman of the House of Hador:

we know Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti from the Sopranos... I think we haven#t decidede yet, but i guess Thorondor is a Maia in Eagle-shape, and Imperioli has am Eagle-like face, i think he could play a CGI Thorondor and maybe a Thorondor in Maia/Man shape if we want that. If he#d work on his dialect he could as well have a fitting voice for an Eagle, if we want Thorondor to talk:

we know
Cruikshank from comical Roles, such as Fred the movie, but I think he has the look to play a young Celebrimbor, and he might be able to do more serious roles too:

Peck is 31, and 6' tall, I think he has a dark look about him that would fit for a Turin:


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Well, I'm familiar with Gyllenhaal, Phoenix, Steele, Cudmore, Fanning, and Brody, but not the rest.

I also suggested David Tennant as Eol back on the first page. Any thoughts?


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Well he wouldn't be my personal choice for eol, i just always had a different picture of him in mind. I once proposed michael spears... But he didn't find too many fans on the forum ( in the end mark strong was chosen for the silmfilm cast - a choice i can live with quite well) I also could see javier bardem as eol..
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