Christopher Tolkien has died.


Today, A local French Newspaper has published the news that Christopher Tolkien had died. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, it would be a huge shock to all.
Rest in Peace.

The article has been translated and I have copied it below:

Christopher, the son of J.R.R. Tolkien, died in the Var at the age of 95.

Global Earthquake in the Kingdom of Heroic Fantasy! Christopher Tolkien disappeared during the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the Centre Hospitalier de la Dracénie (CHD) where he had just been admitted for health problems.

All his life, this erudite scholar had lived in the shadow of giants as well as small hobbits. The ransom of the glory of being the son of the British master, but also the story of an extraordinary literary transmission between a father and his son...

Discreet life in the Aupsoise countryside

He who blew out his 95 candles on November 21 in the Var may have had a planetary aura, but his life in the Aupsoise countryside was more than discreet.

In the village, if it was known that a figure linked to the Lord of the Rings and to Bilbo the Hobbit resided in the area, his presence in the public place had always been extremely rare. In his property, a place called Les Sablons, away from the village, on the road to Villecroze, he spent peaceful days. Surrounded since 1975 by his wife Baillie, in a setting of pines and olive trees.

By becoming the literary executor of his father John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973), Christopher Tolkien had to expose himself many times. Notably when Peter Jackson's two trilogies came out, which he had little taste for, with a trial at the end...

Cinematic disagreement

Just last year, the heir came out of his reserve in concert with the very pernickety Tolkien Estate, a legal structure based around the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, to condemn the Hollywood biopic devoted to his father's youth and distributed on the screens on June 15 by Disney.

This denial of "Tolkien" - the film - was a new rift dug between Middle-earth, imagined by his father, and that built by a commercial posterity in which he did not recognize himself.

For the moment, no date has been confirmed for his funeral, which will take place in Aups. A land in the Var region where Christopher Tolkien, a naturalized French citizen, had expressed the wish to rest.

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Me too. But at least it seems like the last years were pretty relaxed and quiet. Somewhere in the countryside close to the parc national du Verdon, really really beautiful round there... But yes, he was still such an influential figure.


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Christopher Tolkien passing away is a huge loss, and he will be greatly missed. It makes me feel sad. But I also feel very grateful for everything that he's done. He has done a wonderful job as a keeper of his father's legacy, and it's hard to imagine what the Tolkien readers of the world would have done without him.