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  1. Lynn Elder-Munro

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    Hi all,
    Question: when attending the class in the Scholar's Hall on servers other than Landroval, does one just use a character they have made on that server? Or is there some way people are getting their "Landroval Characters" into the Scholar's Hall on the other servers? I have as yet to be successful in being "transported" by the more experienced characters who are assisting people. Does the character have to be listed in the in the Mythgard Kin "google doc" for that to work? I am very confused and had stopped attending because I was very frustrated. I feel really stupid. Can someone post a "step-by-step" guide?
    Lynn E. Elder-Munro; aka Lemeldir (Landroval), aka Elisedd (Gladden), aka Eideann (Crickhollow), aka Athall(Landroval), aka Dernhild (Arkenstone).
  2. Rob Henderson

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    Looks like it's defaulting to me to answer again? >8)

    You're not missing any magic secret when it comes to moving characters between servers. While it is possible to have SSG move your characters from one server to another, it costs roughly US$30 worth of LOTRO Points to do it, and another US$30 if you want to move back later. While it's theoretically possible that some of the course students are doing this, I'd say it's highly unlikely.

    No, if you see people with high level characters attending the class sessions on different servers, it's because they have high level characters on each of those servers. If you want to attend every class session and be able to trtavel to high level zones, then you'll either need to but Gift of the Valar (about US$50 for each character you want to use it on) to automatically advance them to level 50, or you'll need to play on those servers enough to level them up through regular old XP advancement.

    If you don't have the time or money for those, then you'll have to do what I (and I suspect most of the other students) do: Attend the classes on the server(s) where you have high level characters, and just follow on Twitch when it's on servers you don't use.

    I wish I had a better solution than that to offer you.
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    Because my dear you are the best!!!
  4. Harnuth

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    It looks like Prof. Olsen has settled down to teaching on four servers: Arkenstone, Crickhollow, Gladden, and Landroval. Crystal and I (who are always on line together) often call these "the Mythgard servers."

    It doesn't take too much effort to create a new character on another server; 20 to 30 minutes gets you through the Introduction. At level 6, you can attend the class at the Scholar's Hall. (At that level, you could even get a ride to Thorin's Gate form the west gate of Bree, and attend Winterstock!)

    Field trips are more of a challenge. We paid the iron price for at least level 30 on each of the four Mythgard servers. That has been high enough for the field trips so far, although we do end up fighting a bit in the North Downs when we can't hide behind the big kids.

    Silly tip: We have lately been creating minstrels (to fill out quartets in our band) on all four servers. We can level them to 15 quite painlessly by making them farmers, giving them seed money, and just having them raise vegetables up to tier 4 at the farmland in Bree. Except for occasional stops by the expert farmer to repair tools and buy more seed, fertilizer, and water, it all happens autonomously.
  5. Tilion

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    My participation on these forums is pretty spotty, I wish I had more time to devote to it. So it seems pretty well after the fact... but there's the potential for newcomers for the next few years... so I'll get in the mix.

    I became dissatisfied with only attending 25% of the field trips so I started characters from scratch on the other servers. I was able to use farming to get them into the 30's without too much trouble. By the time you get to the 40's farming becomes much less efficient for leveling. I've found that Festivals present a good option because the Experience you earn from completing quests scales with the level of your character.

    I'm pretty curious to see what field trips will be like when we start getting to the higher level areas. I remember there was one field trip to Forochel in particular where I wasn't able to get there on my own and couldn't coordinate with other game-folk in an appropriate time frame. I gave up on that one.

    I'm also curious to see how we're going to handle Angmar. I remember there was a mention of focusing those areas on Landroval, which would be really nice for me. That's the only server where I have a character that can get past the Watchers and I don't really want to send the others through the quest line.
  6. Fin

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    You can get summonsed to angmar without dying so as long as there is a cappy around that would work for people that didn't do the quest line to get past statues. Also a Hunter can port you to the outpost in the north, or you can use a mithril coin to get there from a couple stables, one in Evendim and one in Aughaire. The actual line of death is what will kill you, going past statues either direction, so just stay away from that line.
  7. Tilion

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    Thanks! That's useful to know. I view the Mithril coins as ultra-premium currency, so I've been pretty stingy about using them. I have been spending Mithril recently to get characters past the Misty Mountains, one coin to open up a new area feels like a fair deal.
  8. Harnuth

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    If I recall correctly, Prof. Olsen said that when we get to Angmar in the field trips, he wants to do it on Landroval because that's where he has the resources he needs to do things.
  9. Gershom

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    Hi, I recently wandered into a lecture in progress in the scholar hall. I was on a non Mythgard toon. Should I have been able to hear the sound? Is the sound public like a music group performing? Or do you have to be in a raid or fellowship? What is SOP to join this in game?
  10. Tilion

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    There are a few different ways to get sound and interact with the class. I use the Signum University channel on Discord to listen and chat, that's the window that I'm looking at during the lecture portion. Twitch and Twitter are two other ways that I'm aware of.
  11. Fin

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    There is no way to listen in on class by just being there, unlike in game music. You do need to use one of the 3 ways mentioned in previous post, Discord is by far the best imo.
  12. NotACat

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    You could probably send a tell to anyone in the class asking them to help, and they could get hold of the Discord Invite link on the spot: there's a command to tell the Twitch bot to repeat it (something like "!discord"?) and it's reasonably easy to copy from Twitch and paste into chat in-game.

    If the first person you contact can't help directly there's plenty who can step in, but you might need a modicum of patience on some days :cool:
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