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    Hi all,
    Question: when attending the class in the Scholar's Hall on servers other than Landroval, does one just use a character they have made on that server? Or is there some way people are getting their "Landroval Characters" into the Scholar's Hall on the other servers? I have as yet to be successful in being "transported" by the more experienced characters who are assisting people. Does the character have to be listed in the in the Mythgard Kin "google doc" for that to work? I am very confused and had stopped attending because I was very frustrated. I feel really stupid. Can someone post a "step-by-step" guide?
    Lynn E. Elder-Munro; aka Lemeldir (Landroval), aka Elisedd (Gladden), aka Eideann (Crickhollow), aka Athall(Landroval), aka Dernhild (Arkenstone).
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    Looks like it's defaulting to me to answer again? >8)

    You're not missing any magic secret when it comes to moving characters between servers. While it is possible to have SSG move your characters from one server to another, it costs roughly US$30 worth of LOTRO Points to do it, and another US$30 if you want to move back later. While it's theoretically possible that some of the course students are doing this, I'd say it's highly unlikely.

    No, if you see people with high level characters attending the class sessions on different servers, it's because they have high level characters on each of those servers. If you want to attend every class session and be able to trtavel to high level zones, then you'll either need to but Gift of the Valar (about US$50 for each character you want to use it on) to automatically advance them to level 50, or you'll need to play on those servers enough to level them up through regular old XP advancement.

    If you don't have the time or money for those, then you'll have to do what I (and I suspect most of the other students) do: Attend the classes on the server(s) where you have high level characters, and just follow on Twitch when it's on servers you don't use.

    I wish I had a better solution than that to offer you.
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    Because my dear you are the best!!!

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