How Caradhras come to be, according to ChatGPT.


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Once upon a time, there was a spirit named Caradhras. He settled in a beautiful plain, surrounded by lush green forests and sparkling clear rivers. He was content and happy, living in harmony with the other spirits of the land, including the great Vala Oromë.

Oromë, the Vala of the wild, loved to ride across the plain and often passed by Caradhras. He would stop and admire the beauty of the spirit and its land. But one day, the dark lord Morgoth came to the plain. He saw the beauty and serenity of the land and the love that Oromë had for it and he was filled with envy and hatred. He decided to destroy the spirit of the plain and the bond between Oromë and Caradhras.

With a wave of his hand, he raised the Misty Mountains, towering above the plain and blocking Oromë's path. Caradhras was trapped at the foot of the new Mountains, forever separated from Oromë and the other spirits of the land.

Caradhras was furious at his transformation. He had loved the plain and all of its inhabitants, and now he was stuck as a cold, lifeless mountain. He seethed with anger and bitterness towards Morgoth, and his rage only grew stronger with each passing day. His peak now was known as Caradhras, The Cruel, he would cause fogs, snows and storms without reason, taking revenge on travelers and villagers trying to cross his path. But as the years passed, some learned to respect the mountain and would offer gifts to placate him, but Caradhras remained a spiteful and cranky peak, forever marked by Morgoth's cruelty and his separation from Oromë.