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So I know that we are looking to give the Noldor some very fancy bits to wear but what about the others?
If I remember (and it is very possible that that I don't) the Teleri are found of Pearls.
What about the Vanier

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So, on that last picture, before I clicked on it to see it bigger, I thought the darker pearls looked like rope, which I thought was really cool. In the ship topic, it was (I think? semi?) established that the Teleri could be associated with ropes. I think it would be fun for the Teleri to have a lot rope/rope-like ornamentation. I think they could wear a lot of macrame-type stuff with pearl beading.


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i. think rope,shell,pearl,swans and swan-feathers and wave designs could be typical for falmari. jewel and gem and smith and more martial patterns could work for the noldor.

stars are noldorian and vanyarin... i guess the vanyar would also use eagle and wing and mountain patterns.
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The patterns, I think, would not be dissimilar between the three Kindreds of elves -- they all awoke under the stars, will all have some degree of reverence for them. The Teleri, I agree, will be more distinctive, with their sea-focus, but for all three I think the materials will be more varied then design.

Teler jewelry, I agree, should use pearls, and I love the idea of whatever material they're using, thread or no, being woven to resemble rope.

I think a major difference between the Noldor and Vanyar could be the use of gold, which I think only Noldo jewelsmiths should use. That, and the abundance of gems. I would keep the Teler and Vanya styles with either thread (like ropes of pearls often have) or silver. Maybe copper? But I don't think so. I think the more fire/sun colored metals should "belong" to the Noldor.

I don't think the Vanyar never wear jewels (again, we keep comparing them to monks/montastics, but they're not), but more like one large or several small gems in a silver necklace, not gems dripping from their necks. The difference between


I guess what I'm saying is that Vanya jewelry is a heckofalot more subtle than Noldo.

EDITED TO ADD: this is not meant to be a comment of taste, by the way. I want the Noldor to look gorgeous, not ridiculous. But like we said about Utumno, a very "highly done" type of gorgeous.

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Good thinking Marielle it's a good way to show the difference.
I have had a random thought could we in some way work the jewellery into the clothes? So if you take the choker above and instead of the hanging pearl fix it somehow to the neck line of the top?
Dose that make sense?


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I think I see what you're going for, and I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. You can sew gems and such into garments, after all. So a sort of halter top, but the strings are a necklace?

Some ideas to play with:

these are both faux, of course, but it gives the general idea...

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Did we decided on the size of the Silmarils? been trying to do some doddles (very bad ones not an artist at all!) of the different pieces that will include them.