Let's group up for scavenging!

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What would work as a set time for grouping on scavenger hunts?

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  1. Monday evening (8 or 830 start)

  2. Wednesday evening (8 or 830 start)

  3. Friday evening (8 or 830 start)

  4. Saturday or Sunday evening

  5. Saturday or Sunday afternoon

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  1. Mattias Amnefelt

    Mattias Amnefelt New Member

    Quite a few of the Week 7 Trifles are hard or even impossible to solo. I'll be on as Ferenos throughout the weekend and would be happy to group up to do some scavenging. I have cleared the Rift and have that open for about 48 hours if anyone needs that, but for example Draigoch's Lair needs 6 people to get to the point where you can target him with an emote.
  2. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    Thanks to our venture last weekend, I am closer to completing Year Three. Will folks be sufficiently recovered from Mythmoot to try again next weekend? I wonder whether a bigger party would be better able to protect lowbies like me from landscape mobs swooping in from miles around :eek: At least we know how to get someone into Moria well under level now—Alayaule is only 37 :D
  3. Gravidy

    Gravidy Member

    I'm curious if there is enough interest to try and get a group together to finish off Year 7 Trifles? This is the set of raids, where you have to emote some boss within the raid. Froring (I think?) and I (Helting) tried to do a few of these a couple weeks ago, but had no luck. I bigger group is definitely needed. And, for congratulating Draigoch, it is my understanding at least 6 is required.

    The four I have left are...
    • Draigoch in Draigoch's Lair. raid, level 75.
    • Saruman in The Tower of Orthanc. raid, level 75.
    • Thaurlach in The Rift of Nurz Ghashu. raid level 50.
    • Lieutenant of Dol Gulder in Barad Guldur. raid level 65 (to cap)
    I also have a single year 3 trifle left, which is to wave good-bye to the ring-forge (need help getting past a puzzle room).

    I'm also more than willing to help people get whatever items they have left finished. I usually play 10-12pm server time, or anytime on the weekend. If people have a preferred time, I can probably make it happen.
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  4. Fin

    Fin Member

    I would be willing to help ya out, but of course there is the never ending problem of being on when you are. All of those can be completed with 2-3 105's, cept Draigoch, but of course the more the merrier and faster.
  5. FirElf

    FirElf New Member

    Count me in. I need those as well as a few others. Pacific Time. PST to Dewi [in kin] or Garreth [not in kin].
  6. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    I hope you chaps managed to get together. A bunch of kind folks helped Alayaule to achieve the heady heights of Year Six, and even make a start on Year Seven, including killing a Mumak next to the Crossroads in Ithilien. Getting a Level 40 Hunter to the Slag Hills was in itself a stellar achievement, and they even kindly took her to Amon Hen for a finale before I had to log off in preparation for our imminent holiday (which proved entertaining in that the WiFi was nearly good enough for me to enjoy watching people stream all week o_O as it was I made some new friends and kept up with ExpLOTR so a net win :cool: ).

    Next year, with a bit of luck and maybe some concentration, I might be able to be one of those lending a hand to the lowbies to pay back all the kindness I have received :D
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  7. Gravidy

    Gravidy Member

    I really enjoyed my part in Alayaule's scavenging. It was actually quite fun trying to drag low level characters through different areas. Although, I'm sure it must have frustrating given there's naught to do but run and hide, with few places to run, and fewer to hide o_O.

    I think I only had 3 items left on year 7 trifles (on Helting) to get my 30/30. Now it's something to look forward to next spring.
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  8. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    Well, we learned some valuable lessons, such as sending someone in advance to a Stablemaster we thought should be safe just in case some rabid Ithlien Doe decides to camp right on the spawn-spot and gank anybody phasing in :mad:
    Indeed, and this time around we'll know what we're doing!

    I wonder what on Middle-earth they'll add for Year Eleven? Who's the next character on the list? I can't help thinking that some of the more scenic parts of Mordor might be added :eek:

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