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    I think all that is publicly known is in the press release. Looking forward on thoughts from the Professor.
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    He's on record saying that Amazon adaptation discussion lives exclusively in SilmFilm these days, but we have no SilmFilm session coming up for a few weeks. So it might come up elsewhere if anything really juicy comes out.
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    I am everything but thrilled. So the tolkien trust and tolkien estate are involved? Can hardly even believe that... C. Tolkien is still alive and would his family violate his negative feelings about the commercial sellout that had started with the nlc film series even more by allowing this?

    The pj movies are only fifteen years old, rumours have it that a prequel story to fellowship of the ring will be told in a posdible series. Even talks about spin- offs have come up.Doesn't sound too great.

    On the other hand all we have yet are rumours and i've always been a sceptic. I felt negative about the pj movies too - at first - and in the end at last the first trilogy turned out to be not all that bad.could have bern better. Could also have been far worse..

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