LOTRO Newbie, how the heck do I get to the lore hall/class location?

Discussion in 'Let's talk about the course!' started by April Kluever, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. April Kluever

    April Kluever New Member

    I have never played LOTRO and created a character SOLELY to participate in this awesome class. How do I get to the class location? I saw the map Trish posted, but I'm currently in Achet and cannot figure out how to get to the Shire. HELP! Thanks so much!
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  2. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    We are starting in Bree, not the Shire. There is a gate into Bree from Archet and once you get into Bree, you can check your own map by hitting the M key (it toggles the map on and off) and compare it to the map I posted.

    When it's time to go to The Shire, we will figure out how to get you there. And how cool you started a character just for the course!
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  3. Eternitie

    Eternitie New Member

    Hello there! I am a LOTRO newbie as well, and am wondering if there is a specific server I need to be on? We chose Gladden. Will that work out? Thanks!
  4. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    We will be doing the class on Gladden on January 24th. You can see what server we will be on by clicking on the class for a particular date on the calendar (in the calendar forum here). For classes where we have confirmed a server, you'll see the server name. Next week, for example, we will be on Crickhollow. 17th is till open, but it will probably be Arkenstone. Then Gladden on the 24th. We will continue to make the rounds, so we will be with you live on a regular basis!!! and welcome!!
  5. Eternitie

    Eternitie New Member

    That's awesome!! Thank you so much for your help. As for Discord, I think I'm in the right place now. I'm assuming no one is talking yet and that's why I can't hear them. But I'm in the Lore Hall area with my push to talk enabled. However, our interactions will be text only right?
  6. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    Did you just hear me talking? We're about an hour away from start...I thought my clock was wrong when I saw all the people in there. The Lore-Hall is set up to be listen only except for Corey, me and people who are representing the sponsoring kinship (you should see what I mean when Maevenn does tonight's introduction). Pretty exciting!!!
  7. April Kluever

    April Kluever New Member

    So I'm in the right server, trying to get to Bree from Archet. it looks like I have to go through the north Combe gate, but it's blocked by debris. Do I need to complete quests in order to travel out of Archet? If so, I'll just watch the twitch channel tonight and try to join in game in the future.
  8. Fin

    Fin Member

    I assume you got a answer to this question in game since it is now the next day. But yes I think you are still in the introduction area of game. You need to finish the quests in there to game access to the "real" part of the game world. It doesn't take long.
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  9. April Kluever

    April Kluever New Member

    I did it! I made it to Hobbiton and checked out the Party Tree. This character is in Gladden, so do I have to make a new character on each server? Or can one character enter multiple servers?
  10. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    You have to make a separate character on each server. You can use the same name providing nobody has already used it on that particular server.
  11. Trish Lambert

    Trish Lambert Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations! We will be on Gladden on the 24th (check server schedules here) You have to make a character on each server. If you have some LOTRO points in your account (you have to pay real money for them), there is a little trick to sidestep the intro and put you at Level 5 and on the landscape, ready for questing. It's a great deal at 195 points per server.

    Search "veteran" in the LOTRO store and you can check it out.
  12. DMae

    DMae New Member

  13. Lynn Elder-Munro

    Lynn Elder-Munro New Member

    I did this today on the Gladden server as a prep for the next class. It only cost 100 points today! I don't know if it is a sale or what, but thought I should let everyone know.
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