Mouth of Sauron


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So the Mouth of Sauron will be the main antagonist in the Season 5 Frame where Gandalf is among the Haradrim. In Session 5.17, The Hosts suggested giving the Mouth a bat-like motif as a call-back to Thurwingwethil, given Thurwingethil’s position as Sauron’s right-hand woman in his chalk. This First Mouth of Sauron (to differentiate from the Mouth who entreats with the Army of the West at the Black Gate, who is most likely a male) is banking towards being a woman.

@Marielle’s thread on Femme Fatales et mauvaises femmes, and bat-like cloaks.

A suggestion: I suggest that the Mouth of Sauron, as a title, should have slight changes to the outfit, as if to emphasize the Mouth’s role at this point as a persuader rather than an intimidator. Perhaps a hood rather than a great helm?