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There are plenty of musicals that make me think about Fëanoreans, but that's probably because lots of things make me think about Fëanoreans :p

Short list:

West Side Story
The family of Fëanor is not entirely healthy. There is definitely a gang-like or cult-like vibe to it.

The most innocent rebellion ever!

Les Mis
'Rich young boys' playing at being revolutionaries? Yes please! And of course they all mostly wind up dead. 'Red, a world about to dawn, black, the night that ends at last.' Aure entuvula!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
These seven brothers are a bit too cheerful about the story of the rape of the Sabine women.

The Pirates of Penzance
C'mon. They steal ships. They're pirates. (And good luck getting this one out of your head.)

It's more bits-and-pieces of this musical that I correlate to the Silmarillion, but the concept of 'who lives, who dies, who tells your story' seems to work for the Fëanoreans. "Every day you fight like you're running out of time." "I'll send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love." "Dying is easy, young man, living is harder." "Rise up!" So many good snippets in this musical!
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:dak bos-fha u ûrgul-fha brizshel-bhogâturz
:shakh kômab-fha lûtomurz-lat hai-fha lûtomurz-lat

:zûr-tab rûz dhurz
:shakhshûm-tab brizhel-urûgh

:Orsar u Goth Orsar u balúk Orsar u pardahûnúk
:nokh satûm u dugha u ghûg-parhor
:u bot-mûbaram

I could imagine this, having Orcs chanting it repetative to industrial drumming...

I imagine something roughtly in the vein of throbbing gristles scars of e, spk contact, Z'ev - Wipe Out or elemental music, Laibach - Država, Coil - Heartworms, Nurse With Wound - I'm A Frayed Knot, Coil / Zos Kia - Baptism of Fire... but played with drums, gongs, horns, lashes, crude flutes, bagpipes...instruments orcs would have likely used.
Haerangil, can you elaborate on this some more. I am interested in giving something like this a go. I looked up the Adoremus in Aetermem and listed to the Gregorian chant. Do you have a specific translation or are you just substituting Morgoth for Lord? I am assuming it is written in Black Speech.


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Difficult, i used a lot of MERP orcish and stuff from red hand orcs orcish wordlist in addition to Ardalambion black speech material to make this work...

Shakh and Goth both have the meaning Lord in BS, but the lyrics are not pure BS, theyre supposed to be an orc dialect.

Translation is:

brizhel-lûtomurz u ûrgul-fha:
("(we) will worship for eternity":

dak bos-fha u ûrgul-fha brizshel-bhogâturz
("we (the) great sacrament to eternity will praising")

shakh kômab-fha lûtomurz-lat hai-fha lûtomurz-lat
("(the) Master all nations (and) all peoples worshiping you")

zûr-tab rûz dhurz
("his cunning (is) sure because")

shakhshûm-tab brizhel-urûgh
("(his) lordly truth will(be) forever")

("(we) will worship")

Orsar u Goth Orsar u balúk Orsar u pardahûnúk
("Gloom to (the) Master Gloom to (the) radiant gloom to (the) arising in might")

nokh satûm u dugha u ghûg-parhor
("once (the) beginning to now to shall ever (be)")

u bot-mûbaram
("to (the) world´s end")

("will (be) everliving")
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