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  1. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    So it was brought up in the Session 3.14 discussion asking if there is enough musical numbers. Do we want to include musical numbers here, like Morgoth lusting for Luthien , ala Hellfire?
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  2. NotACat

    NotACat Active Member

    Your mind must be more highbrow than mine. Having seen a wonderful production of "My Fair Lady" the other weekend (following which the actor playing Prof. Higgins proposed to his partner which I have never before witnessed IRL :cool: ) my mind is drawn irrestibily to the following song, with appropriate lyrical adjustments obviously:

    Now imagine Fëanor singing "Just you wait, Morgoth Bauglir, just you wait!" but with better diction and even more venom :eek:
  3. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    I would like to write some kind of evil choral in orcish, a "melkorian choral" if you like...
  4. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    There was a discussion on Dies Irae a while back.
  5. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    actually i´m working on an adaption of Adoremus in Aeternum... it will be called "brizhel-lûtomurz ûrgul-fha".
  6. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    :dak bos-fha u ûrgul-fha brizshel-bhogâturz
    :shakh kômab-fha lûtomurz-lat hai-fha lûtomurz-lat

    :zûr-tab rûz dhurz
    :shakhshûm-tab brizhel-urûgh

    :Orsar u Goth Orsar u balúk Orsar u pardahûnúk
    :nokh satûm u dugha u ghûg-parhor
    :u bot-mûbaram

    I could imagine this, having Orcs chanting it repetative to industrial drumming...

    I imagine something roughtly in the vein of throbbing gristles scars of e, spk contact, Z'ev - Wipe Out or elemental music, Laibach - Država, Coil - Heartworms, Nurse With Wound - I'm A Frayed Knot, Coil / Zos Kia - Baptism of Fire... but played with drums, gongs, horns, lashes, crude flutes, bagpipes...instruments orcs would have likely used.
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  7. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else for musical numbers?
  8. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    I wish i was more talented in terms of music...

    I used to play the bass guitar and sing in Punk bands, but sadly i can´t even read notes.
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  9. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    I'm a violinist.

    But what do you think of my suggestion that opened this thread? I'm simply looking for more input from the other members on the site.
  10. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    I really think that would be fun!

    If people could write lyrics for example...
  11. Haakon

    Haakon Administrator Staff Member

    I brought musical numbers up in the thread mostly as a joke but I do think that we should incorporate music into the series to a greater degree.

    The people at Disney are really good at doing effective and emotional musical numbers and this one is no exception, I think I can see what you're after. I'm not sure though that a singing Morgoth is going to work.

    What I would like is more singing elves. Not just tra-la-la-lally elves and not just Maglor, Daeron, Lúthien, Fingon/Maedhros or Finrod... It should be a common feature that elves sing, especially during moments of passion or grief. I think of this scene:
    Scenes like this can be very emotionally powerful and could potentially convey the tragic nature of the Silmarillion better than normal talking scenes. But I'm not really suggesting musical numbers, since the elves would really be singing out loud, not 'sing as a way to express things they are really just thinking or feeling inside'.
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  12. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member


    Elves DO sing... so there should be elviksh singing in various scenes. We do not have to make it operetta like musical numbers though..
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  13. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    by the way...
    i would like to raise attention for this wonderful adaption of Tolkien´s mewlips poem as a folksong:
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  14. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    In Quenya or Sindar? Or both?
  15. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    Well i think the Noldor (and Falmari and Vanyar) sing in Quenya, the Sindar in Sindarin :)

    the Nandor either die out quickly or adapt Sindarin... or at last we won#t meet many of the Ossiriandic Nandor who don´t abandon their native language...
  16. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    We have Feanor developing a “greedy love” for the Silmarils.
  17. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    So which way do we go? Do we go for a highbrow approach, ala Hellfire? Or a lowbrow approach?
  18. MithLuin

    MithLuin Well-Known Member

    I think that anyone who is ambitious enough to write a song for this project can choose whatever style they think fits the particular scene. It's very difficult to write such a thing, so I'd rather give direction as to what emotion a particular scene should convey than give direction about which musical styles would be appropriate. But it is true that whatever is done would have to fit within the world of Middle Earth.

    Personally, I enjoy musical theater, and saw the Lord of the Rings musical in both Toronto and London. But I certainly recognize that it's difficult to work such a scene into a television show. The easiest way is when it's comedic. It's much harder to do it seriously, and we're usually going to want the serious side.
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  19. Ange1e4e5

    Ange1e4e5 Well-Known Member

    If not this, then maybe a small snippet like this one:

  20. Haerangil

    Haerangil Well-Known Member

    "Feanor sat down and started singing about Silmarils..."

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