New Stream Idea - Play Me a Story


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Based on discussions at Mythmoot of games and stories, I thought it might be fun to actually play through some games and not only examine their lore, but examine how the games present and unfold their stories. I would start with the Legend of Zelda series, as not only is there a fair bit of story in the games, but the series has been going on long enough that we could even see in what ways the story has changed over time.

Would this be something Signum would be interested in hosting on Twitch; and if not, does anyone know how to set up a Twitch stream series? Either way, what equipment would I need? I have a computer, a console, and a webcam (if such a horrid device is deemed absolutely necessary); and I should be able to get a capture card easily enough. Is there anything I'm missing?


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I like this idea!
To do your own straming, get a free software called OBS, wtch videos on how to set it tup to stream to your Twitch channel - that's how I got the WriterSpace times going on the SignumU channel.

Meanwhile, i'm going to pass this idea along - total credit to you! - to the folks who are thinking about expanding offerings at Mythgard1