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The Links finally manage to buy their way to victory over Vaati, vanquishing him once and for all! ...or, at least trapping him in the sword again. The Links return to simply being Link, and as he prepares for his next adventure, one thought crosses his mind: considering how many Zelda bosses are beaten with magical ping-pong, why is it Mario who got a dedicated tennis game?

As we continue protecting the Empire's technological superiority, we are rewarded with the opportunity to fly the Missile Boat! With an almost limitless supply of warheads making us one of the most powerful starfighters in the galaxy, we're ready to go against the most dangerous foe our enemies can throw at us: the easily destroyed Type C Mines!

Another Zelda adventure begins! Link awakens on an island, and must complete a few tasks before ascending the mountain which dominates the island! Far from finding a giant egg, however, Link encounters a giant bird that kidnaps his little sister! Since there's no Wind Fish to wake, Link will instead have to learn to wake the wind itself as he sets off with some helpful pirates to recover his stolen sibling!

But first, he'll have to overcome the dreaded menace of old, worn technology...

Link recovers from his technical difficulties, and sets off with some pirates to go save his sister! After proving himself a superb swabbie, the pirates help Link stealthily infiltrate the Forsaken Fortress. There, he very nearly accomplishes his goal, but is thwarted at the last second and tossed into the sea. Deciding he needs to gain strength before trying again, Link decides to help out the locals of Windfall Island, and ends up seeing a familiar face.

The trap is closing in on Zaarin, and the Empire's best pilot will play a crucial role in bringing down the traitorous admiral. But seeing as how the game has established in no uncertain terms that we, alone, flying the most advanced starfighter in the galaxy can single-handedly win battles and even even entire campaigns; and knowing that the Rebel attack on the second Death Star is rapidly approaching; the obvious question must be asked: when do we get a pay raise?

We're not giving up on Zaarin, but the Emperor needs us to take a small break to help prepare for a showdown with the Rebels at Endor. Unfortunately, some slicers have gotten information about the battle station. Fortunately, it was the Emperor's intention to leak that information to lure the Rebellion into a trap! Unfortunately, the Rebels may be able to figure out that it's a trap. Fortunately, they may not.

Regardless, that's for the folks in Imperial Intelligence to sort through. Our job remains fairly straightforward: make many Bothans die for bringing the Rebels this information!

Link collects many useful items. A sail to move about on the seas. A bag to carry mail. A magical baton allowing him to conduct the winds as he wills and turn the mighty forces of nature into his plaything. But perhaps none is more important than the mighty Picto Box! With it, Link can take pictures of people! Or he can take pictures of other people! Whom will Link take pictures of next? Find out next time, on The Legend of Paparazzi!

Having helped as much as we could in the preparations for the Emperor's trap at Endor, we are free to finally get around to finishing off Zaarin once and for all! Once he's been dealt with, we can just sit back and relax as others deal with destroying the Rebellion. Perhaps it's best that we weren't sent with the main body of the fleet. Better to share the glory with the other pilots; and at this point, crushing the Rebellion should be rather easy, so would they even require a pilot of our caliber?

Dragon Roost Cavern may not have the same fun music as Dragon Roost Island, but Link still has fun going through it. And between swinging on a grappling hook, riding lava pillars, and tossing bomb flowers around; what's not to like? ...apart from the deadly heat and vicious monsters, of course.

But those aren't enough to stop Link, and ultimately he's able to beat the boss and save the day! The Rito show their appreciation by giving Link Din's Pearl. This is a huge honor, and Link shows his gratitude by turning his back on the Rito and holding up the pearl in triumph. Link still needs to work on proper social behavior.

The Forbidden Woods are filled with beautiful, vibrant colors. From the bright greens and yellows of Mothula, to the dazzling blues and pinks of Kalle Demos, it's as if the entire island is screaming at Link, "WARNING: THIS PLACE IS DANGEROUS!"

Fortunately, Link pays no heed to the warnings and dispatches any enemies in his path, ultimately netting him Farore's Pearl. Less fortunately, the next island he's supposed to visit has been wrecked, and the guardian of the next pearl left and is in hiding. However, it turns out that our pirate friends may have some idea on how to access the guardian

Welcome to Aperture Science, the setting of the game Portal. In this game, we will undergo a series of tests in order to ensure that the testing gets performed. Who is testing us, and for what purpose? These questions are not part of the tests, and should only be raised once testing is completed. So grab your Portal Gun, bring along a Weighted Companion Cube if you'd like, and let's start hitting the test chambers in the hopes of finding out whether or not the cake really is a lie, as we play through Portal!

After sailing around in the cold, wet rain and figuring out ways to take bombs from pirates, Link's earned a bit of a break. He decides to visit home so he can see Grandma again, catch up with neighbors, and visit his old stomping grounds. But while he's there, he should probably find the Great Fairy who lives on the island; and Jabun apparently lives just around the corner now...

[sigh] It seems that even on vacation, heroes can't help bringing some work along with them.

How do you kick off the sequel to a successful puzzle game? By rerunning some familiar puzzles to get back into practice, adding who knows how many years of growth and decay, giving the player a less-than-brilliant sidekick, and doing an early boss fight, of course! Oh, and having a pit deep enough to do a full recap for the player while they fall. That's pretty important too.

It's been a good day for Link. He managed to find a sunken tower by returning pearls to statues, earn some cool rewards for exploring the tower, and even find some ruins of old Hyrule so ancient they apparently didn't have color back then! But best of all, Link can visit the Great Fairies without recoiling in terror! That may not be entirely new at this point, but it's always worth pointing out.

Link enjoys meeting new people. In this episode, he gets to meet the deity in the whirlwinds, after getting flung away by a tornado. He get to meet the boss of the Forsaken Fortress, who had a giant bird fling him away on his prior visit. And he even sort of got to meet Tetra all over again, though she previously flung him off her ship in a catapult. Poor Link. People just keep pushing him away when all he wants is to be friends and/or fight them.

What does it take to be a hero? Some people think it's courage. Others think it's compassion. Still others claim bravery, not realizing that it's essentially the same thing as courage.

The truth is, it's none of the above. The real requirements are mobility and time. Whether it's helping lovers meet, collecting potion ingredients, or playing hide-and-seek with a bunch of children, it can only be done by someone with free time who's willing to move about! And as the most mobile person in the land, with FAR too much time on his hands, Link's about as heroic as one can possibly get!

Powering up his sword to take on the most evil threat in the world is a noble goal and all, but just kicking Ganon out won't fix everything, and Link knows it. What the world really needs is a strong, international economy to promote growth once it is no longer in imminent danger of destruction, and the only way to accomplish such an economy is to initiate trade with foreign merchants. By leveraging the comparative advantages of the participants, trade can be mutually beneficial to all parties! Of course, the fact that all this trade flows through a middle-man on Windfall Island may affect things a bit, but Link's not sure exactly how. He never got that far in his economics course.

The story of Portal 2 is the story of one man: Cave Johnson. An inspiring leader, a brilliant inventor, a deep philosopher; Cave Johnson was none of these things, but he still managed to throw away a lot of grant money driving his company into the ground (seemingly literally), while simultaneously building the world's most advanced AI to continue his do-nothing experiments long after he was gone. Truly, he was an American hero.

NOTE: Unfortunately, this stream cuts off early, and I don't seem to have the full recording anywhere. The next Portal 2 video will thus start a bit past where this video ends. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Link has finally gotten the Tingle Tuner working, and now has another tool to use! Link can use it to get Tingle's advice, as well as to purchase items to help find hidden rewards! With this, Link will never again be alone, as Tingle will always be there, watching...waiting...

...Link has made a terrible, terrible mistake.

Reflecting back on the Portal games, we've seen how Science can start as a noble goal to solve problems, then become a pointless series of experiments to burn grant money, and even become downright cruel and sadistic once the process of experimentation becomes more important than the outcome. But it'll all be ok once Science advances to the point that new test subjects can be made who don't feel pain or fear, freeing us to leave Science behind and just spend our time reflecting on our adventures and how we got to this point. And maybe, just maybe, we'll realize that the real Science was the friends we made along the way.

NOTE: This video also contains the discussion of the manual for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which will fully begin in the next video. Manual: