Notes for the Hosts of the Silmarillion Film Project Podcast

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    Consider this thread an "Exec's Mailbag"!

    On this thread, you are welcome to post a message that you would like to be passed along to the Hosts prior to a Silm Film broadcast. This message should be of a reasonable length (say, one paragraph) and convey something that you think it important be addressed on the broadcast during the upcoming session.

    I will then copy your message verbatim, attach your name to it, and pass it along to the Hosts with the notes and powerpoint sessions that I prepare. Therefore, anything posted after Wednesday may be too late to be included with that week's session.

    Please note that there is a 'one message per person per session' limit.

    No comments or responses to other's messages are allowed on this thread. Any comments will be considered off-topic and will be deleted. This is one-way communication with the Hosts (Corey, Trish, and Dave). It is not a discussion thread.

    I hope this option will help alleviate some of the frustration of those who are not always able to participate live in a Silm Film session. Obviously, it will be up to the Hosts to choose how or when they wish to respond, but I can at least make sure they see your message.

    Thank you all!
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    There are some things about S4E2 that concern me, but the biggest one is the abdication of Maedhros. If he does it too early in the episode, where do we go from there? What climax does that put us on a path towards? If it is too late, everything else is kinda waiting in the wings.
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