Plate or no plate? That is the question.


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So this is a discussion that originated on the Dwarves thread regarding whether or not Tolkien’s characters should wear plate armor. I think they should, because while mail can protect against some arrows, I’m also sure that Elves would be able to send an arrow with much more force than a human, while with arrow-heads, Morgoth and his field commanders like Sauron would be able/willing to have his forces equipped with the best weaponry.


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We can discuss plate...

I believe noldoric Fishscale armor would be effective against arrows, i also think we can have the Sindar adapt both fishscales and corslets adding to their dwarf-mail and have the Noldor adapting mail to their fishscale.

I'm still against full-plate or suit of armor, but cuirasses, yes! Hoplite style...

I think both sides will eventually develope better armor, elf-bows are possibly pretty strong just as orc-bows,
the orcs would soon adapt mail too in addition to their older scale, both sides will eventually have better arrowheads too as time passes.

Yet suit of plates is too much 14-17th century, in my eyes far too late and anachronistic for our time.We could think of those for the late numenoreans maybe...


Breast-plates similar to ancient Celtic Bronze ones might be fitting for some elves, although made from Steel or Iron. They would be wearing it over the Chainmail.
And Plate-panoply similar to King Philips II of Macedons for the Numenoreans.
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I've been thinking about it...

The noldor already have far better fish-scale armour, so they probably would't need pre-celtic breastplate...
The dwarves and Sindar have mail.So while a solid cuirass or corselet over chain or combined with chain makes some sense, i don't know how much sense pre-celtic breastplate would make ... it's not much of a help against concussion and inferior to chain.

When i see those pre-celtic breastplates i have one thing that comes immediately to my mind: early easterlings! Maybe those guys who served sauron in the second age...

And the Númenóreans definitely should wear Karma-Helmets!