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Feanor/Fingolfin “reconcilliation” post-Kinslaying.
This was posted to the end of Ep 5. But since the Noldor don't appear at all in Ep 6, can we please move this to the tag of Ep 6 instead?

You are correct that we have lifted the Sleep of Yavanna so that trees are no longer considered a non-renewable resource, and the Ent/Green Elf issue is with the destruction and death of trees, full stop.
Also there needs to be rewriting to change this part.


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I already described why on this thread, and don't think it's a good idea to go over it all again. We will have to somehow fix the problem in Season 4, by somehow having a population of Grey Elves immigrate into Mithrim from somewhere.


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Nick, I really like how you used the first sentence of every scene to summarize what is happening in that scene. I think that's helpful, and I intend to go back and do the same to the other episodes. And the character lists for each scene are really helpful (especially if there is a minor character not mentioned who should be present), but I think I'll wait to add that to the other episodes until we get to a more finalized version. I'm afraid that will clutter up/distract the rough drafts. For now, a complete character list at the top for each episode will do. We don't even know if the Hosts will like/approve the existence of Norn and Gamil Brôg, let alone the stories we've given these characters, so I'm prepared for some revisions.

I'm a little concerned about scene 11. It might sound a little too weak/foolish/silly to establish Morgoth as a formidable foe. Obviously the idea of him taking direct control over all of the matter of Arda should be terrifying...I'm just not sure that scene conveys that. Any suggestions?

Season 3 Episode 6: The Green Elves

Protagonist: Thingol
Introductions: Galdor of the Havens, Denethor, Saeros (Treebeard appeared in Season 2)
Final Appearances: Gamil Brôg
Characters: Mablung, Gamil Brôg, Denethor, Galdor, Círdan, Boldog, Beleg, Celeborn, Lúthien, Thingol, Melian, Saeros, Treebeard, Norn, Mairon/Sauron, Tevildo, Thuringwethil, Draugluin, Morgoth, Gothmog, Telchar. Frame: Elladan, Elrohir, Estel, Halbarad, Hamilcar

Summary: When a new group of elves arrive in Beleriand, conflict arises which threatens the nascent elf-dwarf alliance. Círdan is introduced to the strength of Menegroth. Meanwhile, Boldog is frustrated in his elf extermination project.
Theme: The limits of diplomacy.
Conflict: The Ents and the Dwarves are naturally and furiously incompatible.
Primary Storyline: Thingol as peacemaker and king of Beleriand

Teaser - Frame
The Dunedain have a meeting in a private room at The Prancing Pony to discuss their wolf problem. As Estel and the twins move through the common room, Estel sees humans, dwarves, and hobbits all together, which piques his interest. He overhears some of them talking about how a local was killed in a wolf attack, and how odd that is. Estel waltzes in with Elladan and Elrohir and no one questions it, while Hamilcar has been disallowed from being present.

Act 1

Scene 1. Logging Camp on the Dwarf-Road - Gamil Brôg has arranged for this meeting to take place at a lumber camp near the end of the dwarf road. Mablung is delivering payment; Gamil Brôg is picking up lumber for fuel. They discuss how they still don’t have nearly enough equipment to arm all of the elves. A disturbance arises, and the main characters rush over to where a dwarf is found, shot by an arrow. The arrow is obviously of elvish construction, and Mablung finds himself in an awkward position. Before this can be escalated, Mablung and the dwarves find themselves surrounded by Green Elves. Mablung defuses the situation, and meets Denethor (only for an instant before the scene ends).

Scene 2. The Docks at Eglarest - Captain Galdor returns to Eglarest. He reports to Círdan and recounts sighting fires in the mountains to the North. Círdan determines to speak to Thingol personally.

Scene 3. North-East Beleriand - Boldog’s Orcs raid an elvish settlement in northeast Beleriand. They leave none alive. Still, it becomes clear through conversations between Boldog and his lieutenants that they really aren't finding a lot of elves.

Scene 4. Thingol's Hall, Menegroth - Círdan meets with Thingol in Menegroth. Círdan reports his news to Thingol, which heightens the sense of dread amongst the Sindar.

Scene 5. Ossiriand, Near Dwarven Logging Camp - Mablung and Denethor are catching up. Denethor explains why he’s there, why they don’t like tree-cutting. Mablung doesn't really understand Denethor's motives until he meets Treebeard. Mablung is completely silent as he meets the Ents, caught in awe of the Shepherds of the Forest. We see the Green Elves' camp life in the background.

Act 2

Scene 6.
Balcony overlooking Forests of Doriath, Menegroth - Mablung reports the Green-elf situation to Thingol. Thingol remembers the people of his friend Lenwë and desires to meet with them himself. Thingol puts Lúthien in charge of Círdan's well-being (and Melian is clearly in charge of Menegroth) and declares he will leave for parts East.

Scene 7. Northwest Beleriand - Tevildo meets with Sauron. Tevildo reports a troubling lack of elves in Doriath to Sauron, who mocks his failure. He tells him that he must travel deeper into the forests if he wants to find his prey (Sauron is, after all, an accomplished elf-[Dark]hunter). Sauron sends Thuringwethil to check on Boldog's progress in the East.

Scene 8. Edge of Dwarven Logging Camp - Gamil Brôg departs with the fuel he needs. Trees continue to be cut, despite the Green-elves' objections. Green-elves watch from the forest edge as Gamil Brôg leaves the camp with a wagon-train of logs. The Green-elves follow them from the forests that hem the road at Denethor's command. Denethor is flanked by Treebeard, who is seething.

Scene 9. Menegroth - Círdan gets a tour of Menegroth from Lúthien. She takes him through the various areas, most of which are still under construction. He is seeing dwarves for the first time. Círdan treats Luthien like a beloved young niece. She is quite young in his eyes, and as full of life and energy as he is full of wisdom. As they reach a garden, Lúthien asks him to tell her about his home. As Círdan speaks lovingly of the sea, Lúthien mentions that she’s never seen it.

Act 3

Scene 10. Green-Elves Camp, Ossiriand - Thingol meeting with the dwarves, Green-elves, and ents. Thingol cites the previous agreement with dwarves to give the newcomers the background he feels they are lacking. Treebeard and Denethor decry the dwarves as indiscriminate destroyers of life. Dwarves state that they need fuel to supply the elves with weapons and armor to defend against the orcs, the true destroyers of life. Thingol talks about their common enemy and how the green-elves are under-equipped, as the Sindar once were. Denethor says they have a common enemy right here.

Scene 11. Morgoth's Throne Room, Angband - Morgoth and Gothmog discuss the state of the world. Gothmog updates Morgoth, reporting that his armies are arrayed on the mountains of the northwest, and that none can pass without their knowledge. Morgoth is shown to be sending his power out into Middle Earth with darkness pumping down the arms of his throne into the floor. Morgoth seems distracted at first until he rises (with some difficulty) from the throne. Morgoth can tell Gothmog what he is doing, lays out some of his nihilistic point of view.

Scene 12. Armory, Menegroth - Círdan and Melian have an ominous conversation about the future. Círdan finds Melian in the Armory. If someone were to ask, "Did he seek her out or did she summon him?" the answer would be, "Yes." Set amongst the forges of Menegroth where dwarvish [Telchar] and elvish smiths work, Círdan marvels at the strength of Menegroth and its armaments. Melian ambivalently agrees but points out that some enemies no strength can overcome. When Círdan asks what they can do, she asks, "Remind me again why you remained on the shores of Middle-Earth?"

Act 4

Scene 13.
Gamil Brôg's Forge, Mt. Dolmed - Ents attack the dwarven forge. Gamil Brôg returns to his forge just in time for the Ents to attack and obliterate it. Gamil Brôg dies. Horribly. But not before setting an Ent on fire.

Scene 14. Green-Elves' Camp, Ossiriand - Thingol learns of the attack. The Sindarin king is angry. Denethor is taken aback, but rationalizes the Ents’ behavior: They are charged with the protection of the trees, and the dwarves are killing them. The dwarves still don’t understand the problem. The trees are not, after all, thinking creatures. Norn takes the dwarves aside and asks if they absolutely must cut down THESE trees. He convinces them not to cut down trees HERE. Turning to the elves, he negotiates through Thingol for food to be delivered by the Green Elves. Denethor agrees to get the ents to stand down.

Scene 15. Northeastern Beleriand - Thuringwethil gives instructions to Boldog. Thuringwethil finds Boldog's army and meets with the original orc himself. Boldog complains about not finding enough elves to murder. Thuringwethil threatens Boldog, and tells him to keep marching southward, promises to fly south seeking elves.

Scene 16. Green-Elves' Camp, Ossiriand - The ents say goodbye to the Green-elves for a time. Denethor has just explained the agreement between his people and the dwarves. Treebeard finds this state of affairs unacceptable. Not wanting to be hasty, though, he says that his people will wander for a time. They will, however, return once tempers have cooled.

Scene 17. Entrance Hall, Menegroth - Thingol returns and extends an invitation to Círdan. Thingol tells Círdan that the world is becoming increasingly dangerous and invites him to bring the Falathrim to Doriath, where they can live safely in Menegroth. Lúthien is excited at this possibility, but Melian says nothing. Círdan thanks Thingol, but declines and will return to the Havens and his ships.

Frame: The Dunedain decide that they will organize a large hunt to deal with the wolf problem. Estel is excited, fantasizing about imagined heroics. He does not see Hamilcar glaring at him as he comes out of the private room.

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I'm a little concerned about scene 11. It might sound a little too weak/foolish/silly to establish Morgoth as a formidable foe. Obviously the idea of him taking direct control over all of the matter of Arda should be terrifying...I'm just not sure that scene conveys that. Any suggestions?
I can understand this concern. I think it really is going to boil down to set/costume/effect design to sell it, not to mention direction and acting. I agree that it can look silly, but I don't think it must.