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Just dropping a marker to see if anybody is interested in seeing how the Tag game works at the Bree-land Festival Grounds. I dimply recall hearing about it, but until Gryfflet stumbled across it the other week I'd never actually seen it, and now I'm wondering whether and how it works.
I played it a few time back when it came out with Kinmates on Meneldor. It is a version of freeeze tag. person who is it has to "tag" the others playing, and that player gets frozen untill someone else "un-freezes" them. If I remember correctly to be unfrozzen you have to be touch the frozen player for a few seconds. And not sure I remember how to change from being "It" to being a player running away. I think you had to tag someone 3 times, or something like that. It was fun, but really need at least 4 or more players to make it interesting. Something to try and get a group for, or a slow night on Friday Night Fights.