What is Sauron doing?


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I think that Sauron could choose to call himself Thû and not expect that his enemies are fooled into believing that he is someone other than "Sauron" (a name that hasn't really been established among the Elves yet). I can't think he considers "Sauron" a real name, like Mairon. It's an epithet. He doesn't like it much (although I agree that he could tolerate it). So if he would choose, he'd obviously call himself Mairon - that's who he is. And in the catch-and-release program, there's no reason for him to go by any other name, except in rare cases when he momentarily is fooling someone - but that's more of a mission operative routine, not a change of identity. And I agree that he mostly would impersonate known people. He could use Thû though, as a way to establish himself as a known power outside of Angband. This would not mean that he takes a different shape or anything. It would be a way to make himself a known enemy of the Elves and thereby someone to fear. And as I implied before, I think it could be a name he uses more than once. It could be his necromancer name.
One reason "Thû" could be a name he uses as some sort of disguise is that he could be a little wary of Ulmo's power. Minas Tirith is in the middle of a river and he can suspect that it could be under the influence of Ulmo (not unreasonable). Could the name be a way to avoid being known to the Vala and thereby make himself vulnerable somehow?
Perhaps he takes the name Thu after taking Minas Tirith and the first half of Beren and Luthien?


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What I mean is that Elves refer to him in different languages; he’s “Sauron” in Quenya, and “Gorthaur” in Sindarin, and does not see fit to change them.
And my point was that we will definitely be using the name 'Sauron' in this project, but (so far) there is no need for the name 'Gorthaur' to ever be uttered on screen. I know it's the Sindarin form of Sauron. That doesn't mean we ever need to use it in Silm Film.


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To be honest: in my opinion, using the name "Thû" isn't necessary. I'd sooner just have him known as The Lord of Vampires or The Lord of Werewolves, or maybe The Necromancer (but then, that would mean he'll be giving away his identity in the Third Age, so perhaps not).


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To be honest: in my opinion, using the name "Thû" isn't necessary. I'd sooner just have him known as The Lord of Vampires or The Lord of Werewolves, or maybe The Necromancer (but then, that would mean he'll be giving away his identity in the Third Age, so perhaps not).
I can live with that.

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Hi folks,

I'm bumping this thread to ask the original question about another point in Sauron's career: what is Sauron doing after he goes AWOL by the end of next season (Beren & Luthien)?

There's no time for big plotlines that would have to be written from scratch, but the lure of a couple of teaser scenes seems irresistible. Some cool ideas:

-interaction with Shelob? Can't remember if we've shown her yet or if she's in Nan Dungortheb. He could encounter her there or in the South.
-interaction with Ungoliant!? Does he find her when he flees south? Does he discover the story of her death? Time spent with spiders?
-interaction with Men? Does he set himself up ruling some group of Men? Where? Does he offer gifts/rings?
-tropical beach vacation with pina coladas and surfing montage??


The Tale of Mairon and She-Who-Will-Be-Called-Thuringwethil
In the beginning, she (let's call her Wethil) was one of Manwë's followers. She, as they, was an air spirit and her purpose was to gather information and provide it to her Lord.

As time went on, some of the air spirits took on the form of great eagles - those beings of swiftness and majesty greatly valued by Manwë. Wethil, however, felt that the eagles were limited in their ability to find/see the darker/darkest places where the monsters hid and, for this reason, she took on the form of a great bat instead. Her fellows were less than grateful to her. They believed that, not only was her form monstrous, but the information she gathered would taint her and thus not be worth the cost. Wethil, taking into account their thoughts, decided not to take the form of a bat anymore, but instead to take of the darkness she gathered from the places she ventured into (even some of the stuff of the Void and of the liquid darkness of Ungoliant!) and chanted into being a bat-cloak which allowed her to take the form of a bat without using her own substance. This was tolerated by her fellows, but she remained the only air spirit who ventured into the shadows.

Melkor, took note of her exclusion and her desire for knowledge of the darkness and felt this could be useful to his plans. He exerted himself, therefore, to woo her to his cause. Wethil was charmed by his attention and his value of her calling and skill. Soon she was a regular visitor at Utumno, where she met Mairon. It is not surprising that two such enterprising and intelligent Maiar found their skills/priorities in alignment. So much so that they asked Melkor to take them as servants and bless their union.

It was during the time when Mairon and Wethil were searching for a weakness in the Girdle of Melian, that Wethil was struck down by the Grey Elves who lived within. Although they captured her cloak, her wounded spirit was able to make her way one last time to Mairon and deliver her final information and farewell. One can only imagine Mairon's fervent rage with the Grey Elves of Beleriand following their killing of his Lady. His response upon being defeated by Beren & Luthien while Luthien WORE HIS WIFE'S CLOAK can only be imagined.