What musical themes do we need for SilmFilm season 4?

Phillip Menzies

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This thread is exactly what it says. What musical themes do we need for season 4?
Next season is a bit of uncharted territory but we can project. What do you think?


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I'm not sure if either of these are "themes" -- when I think of themes, I think of what each Vala contributed to the Ainulindale, or a theme for each incarnate race and for Falling. In my mind these are more like suggested music for a scene.

For the first meeting between Finrod and Men, maybe a reprise of the Third Theme (from the not-yet-written Ainulindale): Strange Gift + (something to represent Elves or Noldor). And/or something to represent the excitement of discovery, for both parties.

And I hope it isn't until Season 5, but maybe some epic music for Fingolfin's duel against Morgoth.


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Maybe something like awakening of man, or themes for the different houses of the edain and easterlings? A theme for the druedain perhaps?


Not a theme, as such, but it would be amazing to have a setting of Fingon's song when he rescues Maedhros.