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He could fit. Seen him in both Game of Thrones and Deadpool, looks like a more stoic angle for Caranthir.
Well, I dunno. He has something. I can't remember that I liked him a lot in GoT. And he looks sort of the same in every picture. But he's won some kind of acting award at some point, so I guess he isn't too bad. Not sure what you mean with "stoic angle" but it seems our opinions overlap at least a bit. Perhaps we should be looking for someone more impulsive? I wonder if he can be explosive enough.
I can remember putting some thoughts up somewhere for this casting but can't remember where :( if anyone can remind me you get a can't remember what I said in there I think I had
He's the guy from Vikings and the hunger games. He's 6'2" 27years

And also
Alan ritchson
I saw him in catching fire also 6'2" but older at 35
I seem to remember that the bossers wanted a "I'll start a fight come at me type"
If I'm wrong or going crazy let me know :)