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To clarify with examples:

‘I’m getting the next round of ciders, who fancies pork scratchings and crisps?’
‘Good shout.’

‘Looks like it’s going to hit highs of 4 degrees Celsius later. And apparently there’s going to be at least an hour when it won’t rain. Fancy spending all day at the beach then having scampi and chips with a Mr Whippy for tea?’
‘Good shout.’

‘What do you reckon to free healthcare at the point of use?’
‘Great shout!’

that sort of thing ;-p


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Nishi Munshi i like!

Zendaya i wouldn't have thought of... but i could be talked into .I like her...


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Sarah Shahi? She’s a bit older and shorter than what the Hosts intend (which means we’ll have to find a shorter Haldad) but she fits the style; her character of Shaw from Person of Interest is the type who would kick your butt six ways to Sunday while tied to a chair and doesn’t employ waif-fu; a more hard-hitting type and upfront, with much more grounded footwork.
Age: 41
Height: 5’3”
Roles: The Woman in White in Supernatural, Sameen Shaw in Person of Interest, Adrianna Tomaz in Black Adam