House of Haleth


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The House of Haleth is the second tribe of Men to enter Beleriand and make contact with the High Elves. Also known as the Haladin

Physical appearance: Shorter than the folk of the House of Bëor. Likely dark-haired since they are closely related to the Men of Bree and the Dunlendings of Dunland.

Notable individuals (of which they are few):

  • Haldad: First known leader of the Haladin, KIA in 375 F.A. at the Battle of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade in Thargelion
  • Haldar: Son of Haldad, father of Haldan. KIA moments after his father at the Battle of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade in Thargelion
  • Haleth: Daughter of Haldad. Kept the Haladin alive for seven days after her father and brother's deaths until reinforcements arrived, led by Caranthir. Caranthir offered her a fief on his lands but she refused, subsequently leading her people through Estolad and Nan Dungortheb to Doriath, where she was granted land in the Forest of Brethil to defend the Crossings of Teiglin. Unmarried.
  • Haldan: Son of Haldar, father of Halmir, succeeded his aunt Haleth as head of the House of Haleth. Might be a child when we see him at first.
  • Halmir: Son of Haldan. Father of Haldir, Hundar, Hareth and Hiril. Lord of Brethil during the Dagor Bragollach, assisted by Beleg in repelling a legion of Orcs after the taking of Tol Sirion. Participated in the Union of Maedhros but died of old age before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad (maybe he was lucky).
  • Haldir: Son of Halmir. Husband of Gloredhel of the House of Hador. Father of Handir. Fostered his nephews Hurin and Huor. KIA in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad alongside his brother Hundar as they covered an attempted retreat by King Fingon.
  • Hareth: Daughter of Halmir; Wife of Galdor the Tall of the House of Hador. Mother of Hurin and Huor.
  • Handir: Son of Haldir, succeeded his father as Lord of Brethil after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Husband of Beldis, father of Brandir the Lame. Known for his skill in battle. Killed in a skirmish in 495 F.A., preceding the Battle of Tumhalad and the Fall of Nargothrond.
  • Brandir the Lame: Son of Handir, succeeded his father as Lord of Brethil in 495 F.A. Suffered an accident in his childhood that left him with a broken leg that never healed. Gentle of mood, taking delight in all things in the Earth. Killed by Túrin Turambar after he revealed Turin's incest.
  • Hunthor: Grandson of Hiril and kinsman of Brandir. Assisted Turin when he went to kill Glaurung, only to be killed by a falling stone loosened by Glaurung.
  • Other members of the House of Haleth:
    • Dorlas: A man of Brethil. Father of Avranc. One of the first to encounter Turin, assists him in endeavors against Morgoth until he is overwhelmed with fear by Glaurung and refuses to help Turin. Slain by Brandir when he realizes that Dorlas abandoned Turin and Hunthor.
Other members of the House of Haleth would appear depending on how much of the Wanderings of Hurin we want to show as the Published Silmarillion does not mention the civil war in Brethil.
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Not sure if that's important, but they're also described as "dark of hair and complexion, like the Beorians, but smaller and more gracile."


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Because the casting won't happen for approximately 2 years. But we're already thinking that far (and further) ahead.
Well, the Edain are showing up next season and we're supposed to be starting that before April, so not that far away.

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I can understand; after all this last season took more than a year. Things have typically been quicker; Season 3 took 10 months.
Yeah, as Prof. Olsen pointed out during the last session, greater care was taken this season to weave the many subplots of our stories into a coherent experience. The past two seasons might (in my opinion) have benefited from similar treatment, but I'm. glad that we took our time with this one.


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So, revised cast list of the House of Haleth for Season 5, updated 10/26/2020 using @MithLuin's family tree on Cast List for Season 5:

  • Haldad (322-385†): First known leader of the Haladin, father of Haleth and Haldar. KIA in the Assault on the Gelion-Ascar Stockade.
  • Haleth (355-440): Daughter of Haldad, twin sister of Haldar. Unmarried. Leads defense of the Gelion-Ascar Stockade after the deaths of her father and brother until Caranthir arrives with reinforcements. Leads her people out of Thargelion to Doriath, through Nan Dungortheb. Kills Tevildo and settles in Brethil on the outskirts of Doriath with the rest of her people.
    • Physical appearance: The Hosts have indicated they want Haleth to be tall.
  • Haldar (355-385†): Son of Haldad, twin brother of Haleth, father of Haldan. KIA in the Assault on the Gelion-Ascar Stockade.
  • Haldan (380-before 455?): Son of Haldar, nephew of Haleth, father of Haldir and Hareth. Succeeds Haleth as leader of the House of Haleth.
  • Haldir (409-472†): Son of Haldan, brother of Hareth. Husband of Gloredhel of Dor-Lomin, father of Handir. Fostered his nephews Húrin and Huor in the 450s. KIA in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
  • Hareth (415-?): Daughter of Haldan, sister of Haldir. Wife of Galdor the Tall of Dor-Lomin and mother of Húrin and Huor. Húrin inherited his height from her.
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We will likely review that family tree next session. As a heads up, not all of those characters are at 'casting' level - some of them may appear only as minor characters in a single episode. We will likely be finalizing our casting list by the end of the year. We will definitely need Haleth! Her nephew is the only other character likely to appear in more than a single episode this season, though.


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Ok so from what I understand, it seems that people feel it’s difficult to find actors and actresses that meet the casting criteria. I have to admit I haven’t found a Haleth that I really like, so maybe it’s something we should discuss a bit. As a reminder, we’ve decided to go for people who are Indian or Pakistani or of Indian or Pakistani descent. What are the issues people have? Or maybe I misunderstood and we’re fine?


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It's also the height requirement for me. A lot of the actors I've been looking at for Haldad are at least 5'10" (I was looking at Aasif Mandvi just now), and since Haldad is supposed to be no taller than Haleth, (a bit strange since the Hosts wanted her to be tall, they keep waffling on the issue), Haleth's height keeps being pushed taller.

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How stringent is the height issue really? If there is a solid actor that can pull off the role, does the height of that actor need to be taken into stuck to. Okay, maybe we don't want them looking out of place next to other actors (far smaller or towering above) but I always think this is a point (similar to the age in some cases) where trying to make everything as close to the book as possible is getting in the way of getting good actors into roles.