Men (as in humans)

Anyone who's part of Turin's band, i.e. Androg, Algund, Forweg, Andvir.
Oh, duh. I am the silly.

Truthfully, though, I suspect only two or three of them will become real roles, with the rest being elevated extras, sort of like how Tolkien dealt with the Company in The Hobbit. But we can't know for sure just yet. Forweg probably needs to be an actual character; wasn't he in charge before Turin?

(MINOR) Algund
(MINOR) Androg
(MINOR) Orleg
(MINOR) Ulrad
Okay, great. So that gives us Androg and Forweg as our example Outlaws, the ones developed into 3d characters, while the others each get a moment or two, so they're not indistinguishable, but are left largely in the background?
some ideas about the other men...

Aghan(d) - may appear briefly as a chieftain of the Druedain - if we want.
Algund (m) - oldest of the Outlaws
Amlach (m) - may appear in the Bereg episode at Estolad if we use that scene.
Andróg (m) - hardest heart of the Gaurwaith. May be a lesser supporting character or a more prominent member of the gang.
Andvír (m) - son of Androg. later tells the tale of Turin. possibly a teen.
Angrim (b) - father of Gorlim. may be left out or die pretty early on if we show how Sauron devastates Dorthonion.
Asgon (m) - lives at broddfas hall, later gives shelter to Hurin.
Ban (e ?) - father of Blodrin. We might use this character if we need a leader of the Easterlings after Bor's death. If not there#s no reason to use him.
Beldis (h) - mother of Brandir the lame. might be a lesser supporting character if she#s around when Brandir is chief.may be cut out if not needed.
Blodren (e?) - a gnome/easterling who betrays the Gaurwaith to the orcs. the character possibly can be left out unless we want to have at least one easterling in the that case we could use the name.
Brandir I (h) - Brandirs uncle. might be left out or used as a lesser supporting character wehen Turin comes to the Haladin.
Dírhavel (m) - Poet who lives at the Havens of Sirion at Earendil's time. We might want to use him as a support character and friend of Earendil or leave him out.
Dorlas (h) - companion of Turins at Brethil.
Ebor (h) - captain of Manthors in Brethil.
Eilinel (b) - gorlims wife. should appear a a phantom/ghost briefly
Emeldir (b) - leads the refugees out of Dorthonion.probably may appear briefly when we intoduce Barahirs band.
Forhend (h) - one of the men of Brethil. support character in Turin?
Gethron (m) aged servant of morwen who guards young turin.
Gildis (m) - hador's wife. If we wish to use her that character needs to be fleshed out more.
Glirhuin (h) - seer and harpist who sings about the stone of the hapless. if we wish to use him he needs to be fleshed out more. perhaps he can be left out too.
Glóredhel (m) - daughter of Hadors. minor character?
Grithnir (m) - turins other Guardian.
Hardang (h) - brandir's cousin and rival
Hirwen (b) - one of Beren#s aunts. may be left out or help emeldir leading the refugees as minor support character.
Hundar (h) - haladin chief who dies in the nirnaeth. maybe lesser support character?
Hunleth (h) - hundar#s daughter.maybe another warrior-woman as she has no husband or children?
Imlach (m) - marachs son and malachs brother. might be a support character if we show the early arrival of the edain and the dissent at estolad.
Indor (m) - Aerin's father. might either be left out or used as a support minor character at dor lomin.
Larnach(h) - Woodman who#se family is harrassed by the Gaurwaith. later meets Beleg.
Lorgan (e) - easterling Lord of Hithlum and kinsman of Brodda who hunts for Tuor.
Orlin (m) - hadorian collaborator at Brodda's hall.
Ragnir the Hunter(m) - companion of hurin who was released with him of angband
Ragnir the Blind (m) - aged servant of morwen
Sador (d?) - friend of yound turin. possibly a druadan.
Sagroth (h) - one of the wardens at brethil
Ulrad (?) - one of the Gaurwaith. might be merged with Blodren if that character is to be used.
Zimrahin (m) - Malachs wife.

(b) beorian
(d) drúadan
(e) easterling
(h) halethrim
(m) marachian
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I sympathise with your question but... We can't expect likes or response to all of our suggestions Angeleyes. That's how it's been anyway and we'll have to accept that, whether we like it or not. Sometimes one just doesn't have any clear opinion about a casting suggestion. In the end, this thread is just a list of names and faces. We get to actual casting later, and when we do we could perhaps expect more responses and discussion.
What about Chris Evans maybe a Turin?
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We all now him as the Cap but would be nice not to put him in as the "prefect guy"
I think he looks good with the beard but cant remember if Turin has one or not?
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Turin's facial hair is somewhat inconsistent; he's sometimes seen with a beard and sometimes without.
Turin's facial hair is somewhat inconsistent; he's sometimes seen with a beard and sometimes without.
"Inconsistent" is the story of Turin's life. Hero, outlaw, murderer, friend.. He's the mortal par excellance to the elves, much more changeable than they ever are, and I think it would be neat if we could convey that by giving him different looks throughout his story -- obviously, Doriath 'princeling' vs. Wilderland outlaw will look very different, but so should he as the unofficial ruler of Nargothrond be different from Doriath, rather than repeating the look.
I'm having trouble seeing Evans as the tragic Turin. My favourite is still Oscar Isaac. He's not only good he charming guy in Star Wars but also the dark and dangerous man he plays in Ex machina.
turin is that dark, introverted, silent and depressive-agressive guy.tall,dark haired,grey-blue eyes..

can't think of any actor right now but neither evans nor isaacs or turner fit into my picture of him.
My personal choice for Turin is Liam Hemsworth, but he's a non-factor for this thread since he's already cast as Eonwe.
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