New Stream Idea - Play Me a Story

Link travels to the Isle of Gust, the only source of spice in the entire Sea. After an attempt on his life, Link escapes deep into the desert, where he is able to survive thanks to the Seven Sage's Bene Gesserit teachings, as well as help from the local Gerudo. Link must now spin some windmills and gather forces so he can overthrow the vile Baron Harkonnendorf, and restore peace to the lands!

Ok, so some of that may have been Dune, not Zelda, but Link DOES have to evade giant worms in the sand, so it all counts.

Knights of the Old Republic 2 ended rather abruptly, but there's still plenty to discuss! From storytelling to themes, let's take a look at the Knights of the Old Republic games as a whole!

We're going to magic school to learn how to be a wizard! We'll escape dragons, explore ruins, and put on an old hat; and that's all before we even begin our first class! Iron your robes and trim your broomstick, because we're enrolling in Hogwarts Legacy!

Link is swiftly learning that this game is all about drawing. He has to draw on doors to open them. He has to draw on maps to remember details. He has to draw his sword to fight monsters. He even has to draw treasure chests up from the depths of the Sea! Link just hopes this doesn't lead to drawing and quartering, though that would certainly draw a crowd.

It's our first day of magic school, and we have four years of study to catch up on, so let's run around exploring before going to class! Our guidebook even helps us collet information on various parts of the school, so clearly this is part of our education and not just us getting distracted. There are statues, artifacts, and tapestries galore to examine; though, a concerning number of them seem to memorialize magical mishaps and accidents. Perhaps it's best for us not to be TOO adventurous...

Link has acquired all the Spirits, and can track down the Ghost Ship! While searching for Tetra, we help out several sisters who reward us by challenging us to a game of Dead Man's Volley. We've played similar games before, and it's not like they're Gorons asking us to dance, so how bad could it possibly be?

Link has a lot on his plate this week! He has to catch mermaids, shoot frogs, and go fishing; and that doesn't even include anything related to the main quest! Eventually, Link will need to go find the three pure metals so he can get a powerful sword; but first, he needs to do a little cartography!

After a long, grueling day of classes at Hogwarts, followed by some intense homework to help us catch up with our classmates, we can take a well-deserved rest exploring Hogsmeade! There are candy shops, book shops, joke shops, and wand shops! Some shops even send orders directly to their customers via magic, so it's as convenient as shopping online! Why, it appears we even have some trolls coming just to review bomb the village!

After finding another sea chart, we make it to a new section of the sea, and find an island of Gorons! They're chief is named Biggoron, but he's the smallest Biggoron we've ever seen. Maybe it has something to do with the Gorons at this time eating Wood Hearts to grow, rather than eating rocks and metal like in previous games. Maybe we can save up enough rupees to buy the chief a huge feast of Shields.

While celebrating our victory over the trolls, we're confronted by Rookwood, who threatens to come after us later. But the joke's on him, as there are mysteries galore at Hogwarts, and we're not leaving until we've solved them all! So, he may be waiting a while.

Link finally confronts the boss monster at the end of the temple, and earns his first Pure Metal! Afterwards, he sets sail and comes across an island with a very conspicuous shape. Some people say it's a handheld game console, but Link isn't impressed. This "Dee Ess" may have games on it, but it's nowhere near as portable as people make it out to be!

Finally, after exploring so much of the seas, Link finds one of the most useful items he's encountered yet this game: a rope! He can use it cross small gaps! He can use it to retrieve small items! He can use it to completely destroy giant, two-headed dragons spitting balls of elemental energy at him! He can probably even use it to tie his boat to the dock! Finally, he won't have to worry about it drifting off if Linebeck ever leaves it unattended!

We seem to have discovered why classes at Hogwarts are so short. Between fighting in illicit duels, breaking into the Restricted Section of the library, and wandering the school grounds for literal days at a time; there's barely any space in students' schedules for classes! It's rather fortunate for us that magic is so easy to perform, so a few seconds per spell is all the training we need.

It takes a while, but we're finally able to get the final sea chart and visit the last quadrant of the sea! Our first stop in this new region is an island that is essentially one big cemetery. In addition to the graves and tombs, there are even skeletons that have just been strewn about! They don't seem particularly good at staying dead, so it's a good thing Link happened by to help them out!

Hogwarts is too big a school for one student to explore alone, so this week we'll have some help! Three new students will help us compare the four houses' common rooms before we get back to looking for ways to spend our copious free time between classes!

In order to get the final pure metal, we just have to traverse the ruins of an ancient kingdom, speak to an undead king with his undead guards, and then defeat a boss many times larger than Link! No, we didn't suddenly go back to Majora's Mask, although we do encounter a character named Mutoh...

It's going to take some time to forge our sword, so let's do some side quests! We'll go fishing, do some salvaging, and maybe even run a maze. In fact, take your time with the blade, Zauz! We're way too busy having fun to save the world just this moment!

It's just a normal day at Hogwarts, and we spend it as any normal student would: gathering clothing from the lake, repairing secret elevators, and helping classmates pilfer ingredients for their potions. Sure, that may technically count as stealing, but it's not like we're going to end up in Azkaban, right?

After several mini-games, it's finally time for us to do what we've been working toward this entire game: picking on the Phantoms who have been picking on us up to this point! There's probably some other reason for delving into the Temple that we're forgetting, but whatever it is can wait until we've had our revenge!

After returning from Azkaban, we're off to solve some mysteries. What really happened to Richard Jackdaw? What was on those pages? What sort of depraved mind decided to make the giant spiders scream?

We may never know the answer to the last one, but we can at least solve the first two!

It's time! After so much adventuring and preparation, we're finally ready to face Bellum! Bellum may be incredibly powerful, but we have a great hero on our side! When all seems lost, when others have fallen to despair, when anyone else would be cowering in terror, one man will have the courage to face his fears and strike down the evil beast! Of course, that man is none other than...Linebeck!

Wait, what?

With all the focus on our main character, it's easy to forget that there are other students in other houses having their own adventures. Well, it's actually just variations of the same adventure, but they DO meet Richard Jackdaw differently, so let's check them out anyway!

After achieving his life's dream of becoming a train engineer, Link decides that his first duty is to help Princess Zelda sneak out of the castle without the guards realizing it. Fortunately, the guards aren't any more competent than they have been in previous games. Unfortunately, as soon as they leave the castle, the pair are attacked by an evil version of Thomas the Tank Engine, Link's train gets destroyed, and Zelda gets turned into a ghost. Win some, lose some, I suppose.

As Link completes the first dungeon, he can't help but think about how past Links would travel the world in vehicles with large, constantly firing cannons; stopping only at designated spots to get out, explore, and even meet new races. Then, he realizes he pretty much does the exact same thing. He even gets help from Ghost Zelda, which is more than any of the previous Links ever got. This must be the best adventure any Link has ever had!