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Hey guys, we haven't had too much interest in scriptwriting, but I wanted to make clear that anyone who wants to get involved is welcome. If you're interested in helping out with the actual writing of the Season 5 scripts to any degree, from suggesting some dialogue for a specific scene to writing a full script yourself, please post in this thread or start a conversation with me here on the boards me so we can coordinate.

Keep in mind that there's a bit more of a time crunch this season than usual because of the new way we're doing things, so the goal is to get a full first draft of each script to the hosts every other podcast session. It's not the end of the world if we don't have a finished script and can only share the outline with the hosts, but the preference is definitely for a full script.

If you're interested in writing something for an episode, I highly recommend at least watching and if you can, participating in, the script discussions on the Signum Twitch channel. If you want to participate live in the GoToWebinar sessions, just reach out to me, and I'll make sure you get the link.


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Welcome to the Writers' Room!

There is a lot going on this Season, and I wanted to put all the information in one place so that everyone can keep up with where we are on the project.

Episode 1
Script Discussion: October 4th On Twitch
Deadline for Script: November 5th​
Podcast Discussion: November 19th Session 5-18 On Twitch
Script Writer: Rhiannon​
Episode 2
Script Discussion: October 18th On Twitch
Deadline for Script: December 3rd​
Podcast Discussion: December 17th Session 5-20​
Script Writer: Rhiannon​
Episode 3
Script Discussion: November 1st On Twitch
Deadline for Script: January 7th​
Podcast Discussion: January 21st? Session 5-22​
Script Writer: Rhiannon​
Episode 4
Script Discussion: December 6th​
Deadline for Script:​
Podcast Discussion:​
Episode Outline:​
Discussion Thread:​
Script Writer:​
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Here is the procedure for how the scriptwriting works.

First, we open a thread in this forum to discuss the content of the episode. Usually, threads will open 1-2 weeks prior to the script discussion of that episode. That is the best time to bring up suggestions for scenes or events that can play out in that particular episode, or bring the storylines together. Everything that we were saying was too much detail to get into in the pre-season? Now it's time for those ideas! Conflicting suggestions are welcome - the more ideas we have available, the better decisions we can make during the script discussion.

Then, we hold a Script Discussion (Sunday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern Time) in which we put together an episode outline. Anyone is welcome to participate, and there are multiple methods of doing so. You can join the discussion on video via GoToWebinar (ask any member of the script team for the link of how to join that). You may be audio only, if that is your preference. Or, you may leave typed comments in either GoToWebinar's question box, or Twitch's chat. The video of the script discussion is available immediately afterwards on SignumU's Twitch channel. We are still working on audio file availability, but hope to have that, as well.

The Episode Outline is posted in the thread after the script discussion. Sometimes these discussions run quite late, so do give me a day to get it posted. The Outline is posted as a Google Doc, and when you click on the link, you can leave comments or suggestions directly on the document if you have any questions about particular items or additions to suggest making. You may also continue to comment in the thread, so we can make any necessary edits to the outline. The expectation is that one week after the script discussion, the outline will be in a finished form.

Within one week of the Script Discussion, we will have a script writer selected. If you are interested in writing a script for a particular episode, you must post in this thread or contact a member of the script team to let us know of your interest within that one week window. The script writer is encouraged to listen to the Script Discussion (participation is better), and begin writing a script based on the episode outline. 'In Progress' scripts can be shared via private message here (we'll have a 'writers room' set up for just such a purpose). When that script is in a state in which the writer is comfortable sharing it with others, the document will be uploaded as a google doc and the link will be posted on the episode thread, with the 'anyone with the link can comment' option. This allows anyone on the boards to view the script, and also to suggest edits or add comments throughout the script, directly on the document. The script writer retains full editing authority, so that suggestions are only incorporated at the script writer's discretion. This allows for collaborative feedback without creating chaos :)

Once the script has been uploaded and gone through initial edits and review, the script team will decide that we are ready to share the script with the hosts on their podcast. I will make a pdf of the document and send it along to the hosts. That means...there is a deadline. Scripts should be posted no later than two weeks before the podcast date, to give everyone time to read them over and suggest any edits they think necessary. Ideally, the script writer will get feedback from everyone who participated in the initial script discussion during this review process. A script that does not really follow the outline or that is incomplete would be unlikely to be shared on the podcast, but we can have discussions about that if necessary.

For the podcast, the hosts will be given a copy of the script outline and the finished script (in pdf form without any comments/suggested edits visible). They will then be able to review the script and discuss that episode, suggesting any changes or improvements. We can then continue to edit the document posted here in light of that podcast discussion to reach a (more or less) final draft version of a Silm Film script!

I know that's a lot, so if you have any questions, please ask! Nick is our Script Editor, so he will be overseeing this process. He will post the episode threads and host and moderate the script discussions, as he has done in previous seasons. We needed a more involved procedure this season, because we are holding the script discussions before the hosts of the podcast discuss the individual episodes.
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