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  1. I am currently reading the Iliad in translation (for University/general education/interest) the Children of Hurin (for "fun") and, with two fellow students, reading/translating the Aeneid. But that last one is a long term project.
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    Replying to my own post -- I liked it a lot! It sparked a new theory based on the concept of the"Mary Sue". I call it "Mary Sue III" *.

    As authors age, according to this theory, their wish-fulfillment self-insert characters get younger.

    Bujold's first novel's heroine, Cordelia, was in her mid-thirties. Fawn, the heroine of the original Lakewalker series, was 20. And in this new novella, Lily is only fourteen, and she totally kicks butt!

    [*] "Mary Sue Jr." gets a few hits on google, but all the hits for "Mary Sue III" appear to be actual people of that name.
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    I just finished Toni Morrison's Beloved for AP Literature and Composition class, which is heart-breaking and amazing, and I highly reccomend if you haven't read it yet.

    And I'm also trying to read Letters of JRR Tolkien and Gateway to Sindarin whenever I get the free time.
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    It's late February - I am working my way through Lord of the Rings again. Day shall come again!
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    I just finished Pride and Prejudice, and now I'm working on some Star Wars novels.
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    P&P is fun, which I discovered when I decided I wanted to see what inspired "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" which I heartily recommend to anyone and everyone :D

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