What'cha reading?


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Since finding the Exploring series, I've started a LoTR reread; I was due for one anyway as its been a couple years. And while my reread is far outpacing the class series, Corey's oh so close reading of the text and attention to detail has really made me consider things in ways that I never had before.

I'm also reading A Brightness Long Ago by Guy Kay. What a magnificent book; in fact I think everything he has published is beautiful.


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Just finishing up reading A Wizard of Earthsea for the upcoming Mythgard class. Am I missing something, or does Le Guin not really use humor in telling the story?

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Am I missing something, or does Le Guin not really use humor in telling the story?
You're right that there's not much humor; it's a pretty dark story overall. But at least the scene shortly before Ged's Big Mistake, where everyone is just having fun with magic pranks is funny; Vetch is sitting up in the air shooting bread-crumb arrows at chicken-bone birds, and Ged, not having the trick of it, has to flap his arms to stay aloft beside him.

I can only think of twice that Ged laughs in the book: the other one is when he is a child and the witch puts a spell of silence on him, and he can't speak, but laughs. But I'm only halfway through my latest re-read.


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Just started reading The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James D. Hornfischer. It's a non-fiction account of the USS Samuel B. Roberts and other small ships that fought in the Battle off Samar during WW2, and so far it seems to be a must-read for anyone interested in naval combat.