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Hi guys, I hope I can be more active here again as soon as I finish my bachelor's this summer, but i just wanted to drop this russian rock opera silmarillion adaptation [sic] here in case y'all hadn't seen it yet:

I stumbled upon it via this clip of curufin and celegorm bickering:

There is a link for the new Silmfilm Session this evening. We're working on getting it out, but message me if you see this first.
Typical of my luck: Normally do office work 8.00 to 9.30, then go to teach. When SilmFilm broadcast from 8.00, "course-day" all day from 8.00.
Unfortunately I won't be up to see the Casting session early tomorrow morning.
Sorry you won't be able to make it; it will be available on Twitch immediately.