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Not necessarily... We could decide to have him play both, like in merlin where the same actor played both, young and old merlin. But personally i'm not very much a fan of such things. Prosthetisc and mask can do a lot, but artificially aging an actor still looks very fake most of the time.


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Right now, we have Gael Garcia Bernal as Gandalf on the Cast So Far page.
He's Gandalf -- or really, Olorin -- in Valinor. I don't remember if, when originally cast, if we were imagining him as playing the old wizard Gandalf, as well?


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We need Gandalf, Titus Butterbur, Halbarad and maybe Hamlicar, his son. We will need one or two hobbits.


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There is the question of the small roles, the possible cameos.
Guilin (also, are Gwindor and Gelmir born yet? I guess they should be, but we might wait to introduce them until next season - but in time before Dagor Bragollach of course)
....We could have a set of friends of Finrod called Gildor, Guilin, Gwindor and Gelmir. I'm not sure what that would do to the season though.

Oh and the other Gelmir, along with Arminas, Angrod's people.
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Hmm... Gwindor later becomes finduilas betrothed, finduilas isn't born yet or at last still a small child... So i think gwindor and gelmir probably are young children or teens too at this point. But their dad, guilin would be there... And he and gildor could be finrod's crew.

Glorfindel and ecthelion should absolutely be turgons crew, actors of vaguely the same age as the one we cast for turgon whom i guess we cast as a younger elf.
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Glorfindel and ecthelion should absolutely be turgons crew, actors of vaguely the same age as the one we cast for turgon whom i guess we cast as a younger elf.
They're actually grown up by now, so actors aged 25-35 would do fine.

Ok so Glorfindel and Ecthelion are Turgon's crew already, Finrod has Guilin and Gildor, and Angrod has Gelmir and Arminas. What other smaller but important roles do we have to consider?


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Well.. Some people at thingols court perhaps and some nandor apart from denethor?

One or two dwarf chieftains apart from gamil zirak and mim?


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There's also the issue of Aranwë, the father of Voronwë. Is he an elf of Valinor, or born in Middle-earth? In the latter case, he should be born early on. I think he's supposed to be of the house of Fingolfin, and but his son is born in Gondolin. ... ... I guess this can wait.


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Seriously though, (and as you can see I'm going through some of the more obscure names here) I think we could use the Sinda Annael this season. He could be a messenger between Thingol and Círdan. Later on, he will be Tuor's foster father and have a really interesting story.


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I think Aranwe as a Noble of Gondolin could be one of the more "Elder Elf-characters" we'll have left in the later seasons... after a short time all of our old elves are dead, well apart from Cirdan, Thingol and Celeborn... the younger generation is taking over! Either an old Elf of the -we generation or one related to the royal house, or maybe both...

Annael is quite an interesting character... the third Chief of the Sindar in Beleriand, but he is of the more savage Mithrim or North-Sindar... I#m not sure if we would need him as a Messenger between Cirdan and Thingol... Mablung/Beleg on Thingols or Galdor on Cirdan's site could do as well. I mean... one does not have the impression the north-sindar have much to do with their kin in the Falas and Doriath.... perhaps we should save Annael for later seasons?

So far we have:




-(Gamil Zirak)

I mean in contrast to our Valinor cast:





but of course I understand that the Noldo-royal family are more or less the stars and focus of the Silmarillion-Tale.

I think the Court of Doriath is so far pretty much complete - soon we#ll have Galadriel join them!

But one or two more support characters for the Falathrim or Greenelves could perhaps be useful...