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Ok I just think we have to introduce Annael quite early on, long before any of the Men arrive. But I guess he could be with Beleg when they encounter the proto-orcs. Or maybe in a scene next season.
Well... rationalised we introduce a lot of characters at a later time, even if they were supposed to have been there earlier. I mean - should not Mahtan have been there at Cuivienen? Or Annael... shouldn't he have been already there at Cuivienen or the great wandering? Ecthelion, Glorfindel, Enerdhil, Pengolodh, Gildor, Turgon, Aranwe... they all would already have been around at Valinor... appearing somewhere in the background I guess :)

I'm not arguing against your suggestion to introduce Annael, don't get me wrong here!

I just have the impression that Annael is sort of a hermit or loner with his small family... a Chief, but in a different way than Cirdan and thingol are. I have the impression that Annael's clan is way more archaic or tribal...
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I understand, and I think I agree - but still, Annael could have met Beleg on Beleg's scouting trip to the northern parts of Beleriand, and could accompany him when the encounter with the proto-orcs occur. If he's more archaic or tribal, and still reacts to the beastly nature of the proto orcs, that really signals how bad those are.
In wilderness a guy like Annael would be our man! And Belegs and Mablungs...

I just don't see him comfortable at Thingol's or Cirdan's Court that's all.
Ok I was just reminded that we said Inglor should be an adult companion of Finrod and Gildor a child (both marginal characters at this point), and that Inglor should die later with Finrod. But we should not have to cast anyone for them.
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We have already cast Arien. She appeared in Season 1, as one of Melkor's followers who deserted him and chose to serve Varda instead.

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We do need to cast Tilion this time around, though.
I suppose it for various reasons... For first it is a valid sindarin name, for second it does fit phonetically to the name durin, for third laurin is a traditional name for a famous dwarf- king of german and alpine legend & folklore.
Okay, I'm sold - sounds perfect, and not a zillion syllables long, either. What does it mean (in German, I mean)?
It hasn't an actual meaning in german, probably its borrowed from latin, maybe " laurus" though " laurex" would be funny too.., in doriathrim or ossiriandic it would mean " golden one", that would be fitting for a dwarf who liked gold and business, but also perhaps for a person who has firy or golden- red hair.
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That all sounds very dwarvish and Firebeardish to me, so I'm happy with that name for the King of Nogrod. Unless anyone else has any suggestions, I think we should go with it.

Also, just to let folks know, we have introduced 'Telchar's Master' as a character in the script outlines. Telchar is a young/apprentice dwarf in Season 3, so a gruff older dwarf giving him instruction makes sense. He is, however, a minor background character, whereas Telchar is the main character dwarf in those scenes. It will be Telchar who befriends (and then unfriends) Eöl, and Telchar who is instrumental in arming the Sindar with new weapons. So, it's a nod to Gamil Zirak's original role, and an opportunity to introduce 'Gamil' as part of the name of older/venerable dwarves. So, Gamil --- what? Any suggestions? (I doubt we would officially cast this character - he may have a couple of lines and be in a few episodes, but definitely minor enough to be 'background dwarf'.)
Hes one of the few more popular dwarves in german folktale ( apart from alberich, walberan, goldemar hibich and a few others).

I wouldn't borrow from his myth though, as he is a quite unplesant character. But i like his name and i like that it's cognaze with sindarin and durin's name.
Perhaps he could be called "Old Bear" or (according to Ambar Eldaron) in Sindarin Gamil Brôg, which sounds a bit like Brokk, the name of one of the Dwarf brothers who created a number of important magical items for the Nordic Valas. Not sure about how correct this would be, but it sounds alright to me.