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Any ideas for Daeron? I imagine the actor has to sing, as Daeron is a lore master and minstrel. There have been suggestions that Daeron is a physical foil to Beren.

To be honest, I am at a loss. My first imaginings of the role, based on Daeron's part in Beren and Luthien, pictured Alfie Allen as Daeron, but I don't know about his singing ability (though he is Lily Allen's brother) and he doesn't have the looks.

What about StarKid alumn Darren Criss?


He's got a good voice, is a pretty good actor, and could inject a lot of heart and humanity into the role, which, let's be honest, could end up looking rather insipid or childish. "Oh, my lady doesn't love me, I'ma gonna tell on her!" And he's got a touch of the pretty boy about him, which could be our visual foil to Beren.
Anyways, people are going to look short next to Thingol, the tallest of Elves.

Iwan Rheon
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Known for: Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, Maximus in Inhumans

I know there's the image of Ramsay Bolton stuck in everyone's brains, but I'm aiming for a character closer to Rheon's portrayal of Maximus in Inhumans, who has good reasons behind the less-than-good things he does.



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You know, I've considered him as more of a hobbit, really. This will probably be the most unpopular idea ever, but I actually have thought about casting him as Sam. I try not to hold the fact that he played Ramsay Bolton against him; he's a pretty good actor and rather likeable offscreen. Just a thought.