Session 4-19: Creative Content - Casting for Season 4


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We will have Zirak (later Gamil Zirak) and we've had Gamil Brôg and Norn. We have Telchar and Azaghâl and Laurin (the King of Nogrod). We will (eventually) have Mîm.

So, we should probably pick a name that doesn't sound like any of those :p

I'm not sure if we want to attempt a Khuzdul name, but I would eventually want a red-bearded dwarf of Nogrod to have a name with the element 'baraz' in it (means red, ruddy). I'm not sure if baraz+turg = red beard, but maybe?

I imagine this is a dwarf of Belegost though, so I propose we just name him Spike. It's Zigil in Khuzdul (probably) and Karag in Sindarin. Or Kail in Sindarin (if you're talking about a whole fence of spikes/palisade). From the root Keg = Barb.


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I'm okay with not giving names to minor characters except when another character needs to address that character by name. Since Caranthir introduces this Dwarf to his brothers, I thought this Dwarf should have a real name. I like Zigil.

We could have each dwarf refer to him(her)self as Naug 1. And their nearest relative as Naug 2, then Naug 3 and so on...
The problem with naming the Dwarves like that is I can't help but think of the Hobbit/Dr. Seuss crossover my Odyssey of the Mind team made last year, in which Gandalf was the Cat in the Hat and came to Bilbo's house with Dwarf 1 and Dwarf 2.