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  1. Kathrin

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    I'd love them to have dragon shaped siege equipment they can have a whole merchandise line of dragon themed war equipment :D Yeeaah probably better if the metal dragons never appear. (Maybe some rogue smiths can experiment with it and fail miserably). But regarding how dragons look in general, we only have three or four dragons as references, and there must have been lots and lots of dragons from the first ones to Smaug. Of course it shouldn't be too wonky and just be any kind of dragon inspired by all mythologies and all animals, but it'd be boring if there were only the "Hobbit-Smaug"-type dragons, sometimes with or without wings in slightly different colors. About animals: I meant rather that, for example, the head could be inspired more by a crocodile's or a dinosaur's or a snake's or could be even slightly beak-like, the general build and number of legs could vary etc. I totally agree that feathered wings are much too close to the giant eagles and should be off limits.
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    I think they only get siege equipment by Gondolin, since of the Elven cities, Nargothrond is underground with an easily-accessed bridge and Menegroth is destroyed twice by the Dwarves and the Feanoreans. Gondolin is the only one that would need siege equipment.
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  3. Nicholas Palazzo

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    I'm not sure who "they" are here, but there are plenty of fortifications in Beleriand which would require siege equipment to take out.
  4. Ange1e4e5

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    The they was the forces of Morgoth.
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    I think the camps around mithrim will become forts at one point, minas tirith is a fortress, there should be fortresses in the ered wethrin, the falas and vinyamar should be fortresses, the feanorian outposts in ard galen should be fortresses, there should be feanorian fortresses in dorthonion, on lake helevorn, in maedhros march and later on Amon Ereb... if i was Morgoth i'd see to develop some siege equipment, such as towers, rams, catapults,trebuchets, ladders, large screens and gabion walls, maybe some sort of roofed troop-transport or moveable shelter, ships prows, drills, siege bows...

    I can see many possibilities for a dragon-motif in the designs for these, eben without "dragon-tanks"...
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    Maedhros builds a fortress atop Himring. Surely Morgoth knows of this. We may or may not show its fall (in the aftermath of Unnumbered Tears), but it seems quite likely siege equipment would be involved. Same with the other more minor FĂ«anorean outposts and fortresses Haerangil mentions. I'm not sure if the outpost on Amon Ereb will ever be besieged (it's pretty far south), but if so, it would be in the final overrunning of Beleriand.

    Sauron takes the island fortress of Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion in the aftermath of the Battle of Sudden Flame. I don't know what that will look like, but we will almost certainly show its fall.

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