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    Just noting similarities.
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    Willem Dafoe is an excellent actor, and especially good for a not-overly-trustworthy character. He's the green goblin in Spiderman and the rogue FBI agent in Boondock Saints (among other things).

    I am not sure what age ranges we should have in mind for actors for dwarves. Dwarves typically have a lifespan of 250 years, and Gimli was 139 years old when he was a member of the Fellowship (but 'too young' for the Quest for Erebor 77 years earlier when he was only 62. I would picture Gimli has a middle-aged looking dwarf - not white haired, but not to be played by someone in his 20s, either.

    As for height, when you cast a taller, broader-shouldered actor and then use forced perspective to shrink him, it works better for maintaining dwarf build. Short and stocky might be good for hobbits, but isn't necessary for dwarves.
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    thats why i said we maybe should take in mind that our first age dwarves had simewhat longer lifespans...

    dwarves are grown up by an age about fourty, become parents about an age of 100 and are considered old at an average of 250. the olsest dwarf wsd dwalin,wasbt he, who reached an age of 340...

    so if in the first age more dwarves reached such a high age we could use gamil and telchar at earlier times... at last gamil zirak was nucknamed gamil the old so he should have reached a high age as should mim.

    if they wren't much older than 250 we'd may have ti invent standins for the esrlier times.
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    Mandy Patinkin!
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    It is possible that Dwalin's extreme age is a typo (and he was meant to be 100 years younger at his death), but also possible that dwarves have an extended old age so that some can linger that long.

    The main events of the First Age happen in two 'batches' - all the set up at the beginning in the first 20 years, and then all the key events from Dagor Bragollach in 455 to the end of the Age in ~590 (the timeline is quite sketchy at the end, but you get the idea). I think that the dwarves who will be needed in the second batch can be met later in Season 4. And any dwarves from the first batch should be dead after Season 3.

    Mim should not be in the first batch - he should not be an original petty-dwarf. Rather, he and his sons should be their last surviving descendants. They can have similar names, that's fine.

    So, we can divide our dwarves into 'Season 3-4 dwarves' and 'Seasons 4-9 dwarves' (or however long it takes us to get to the War of Wrath). Season 4 covers too long a range of time to keep any dwarves alive from beginning to end of it; after that, the seasons deal with shorter time increments and the mortality of dwarves isn't really an issue.
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    Not saying we need to do this, exactly, but I actually thought the age ranges in PJ's Hobbit films made sense. I probably would have cast Fili and Kili with actors already over 30, but only just -- and the Kili problem was more the pretty-boy effect of Aidan Turner, but that's a whole other issue.

    I think our "juvenile" dwarves (a flashback to Gimli not being allowed on the Quest, or a scene with young apprentices, etc) could be played by actors in their mid to late 20's, mature dwarves 30's-50's, and venerable dwarves 60's-80's. As much as I like Armitage as an actor, I'm not sure I buy PJ's reasoning for casting someone so young for the 200-ish Thorin -- I think we can find older actors in good enough shape for an action scene.
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    jup. pjs thorin was too young... he should have been aged as balin.but he was totally into his captain ahab reading of the story...

    dwarves were adult in their 40ies so i guess "young" dwarves can be played by actors in their 20ies.
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