Men (as in humans)


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Yuri Kolokolnikov
Age: 37
Height: 6’5”
Known for: Styr in Game of Thrones, Ivan in The Hitman’s Bodyguard



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Michelle Dockery:

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I think she's gorgeous, graceful, and could ideally work really well as an elf. But how about casting her as Morwen? Morwen is the most beautiful woman of her kind, tall and slender, and a bit...aloof. I think Dockery would fit this description wonderfully and I'd actually love to see her in this role. I first saw her in Hogfather but I'm more familiar with her now as Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey (pictured right), where her character more closely resembles that proud, slightly cool disposition of Morwen's, however not without moments of compassion and vulnerability.
I remember her from The Hollow Crown: Henry IV Part 1. She plays Hotspur’s wife.


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Silas Weir Mitchell
Height: 6'3"
Age: 48

Mitchell's character of Monroe from Grimm is a personal favorite of mine. He's like Lupin from Harry Potter, but funnier.


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More for a motion capture role. Maybe an Orc or a Balrog?

Terry Notary
Age: 49
Height: 5'7"

Roles: Rocket in the Planet of the Apes series, Oleg in The Square, Groot/Cull Obsidian in Avengers: Infinity War



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Peter Jurasik:

Age: 69
Height: 5' 10.5" (1.79 m)

Has had several roles, including Sid on Hill Street Blues; the one I know him from is the complicated and tormented Londo Mollari on Babylon 5. He was one of the most amazingly actors on that show, surpassed only by 2-3 who sadly passed away. He can change his accent and voice pitch, and convincingly portray a wide range of emotions and moods, as well as effectively showing character change and growth over time. He can make you love and hate his character at the same time. At 69 he's probably too old to portray an Elf, but I'm sure he would make a wonderful Dwarf or Man, if we can find a role that would make good use of his skill.


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Ray Park
Age: 44
Height: 5’9”
Roles: Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, Toad in X-Men, Snake Eyes in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and GI Joe: Retaliation

I have a concept for him as Gorgol, the Orc Captain and henchman of Sauron who leads the massacre of Barahir’s band and claims Barahir’s ring. Beren would kill him in a one-on-one fight while attacking their camp and retakes the ring.

Edit: Added new youtube video in place of deleted one; the scene is hard to find in the right key.
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Daniel Bernhardt
Age: 53
Height: 6’2”
Roles: Various stunts, Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded (the one who fights Morpheus atop a truck), Kirill in John Wick
Physically, I can imagine him as a member of the House of Beor. Don’t know how skilled he is with weapons, but he’s pretty good in hand-to-hand.