The Istari


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For planning reasons and in particular because there aren't many actors who could play one of the Istari, I suggest we name those who we want to save for wizard casting discussions later. This will inevitably mean that we begin casting discussions now, of course.
Age is one of the main features of the wizards. Remember that the actors who will be best for Saruman and the others when the time comes perhaps won't be the perfect age right now.


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I have this weird compulsion to imagine "The Blues Wizards" being played by two Steves :eek: :



Which is Alatar and which Pallando I have not yet decided o_O


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Kevin Kline...? I don't know, he isn't exactly my idea of what Gandalf is like, and certainly not Saruman. It would seem a waste to cast him as Radagast (or one of the two blue). But he's a great actor, I just want to mention him anyway.


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I don't really have a real picture of the ithryn luin yet.

They are alatar and pallando or morinehtar and romestamo.

Alatar means radiant- one and morinehtar darkness- battler... He is a maia of oromes people, so he belongs to the same tribe as tilion does. I believe his names might tell us that he is a fighter and possibly a hunter and wanderer. I suggest he is a good horseman and archer too...

So i imagine him as a tall, strong and bright (radiant?) appearance.

Pallando means far- striding one and romestamo- east- helper. Or east-maker?tamo also means maker or smith)

So i guess he also is a wanderer and as a helper he might be a more nice and caring character.east- helper might suggest that his main area is the east, which doesn't has to be true for alatar who maybe does care more about the south or perhaps has no steady base at all.

Still he is also called a member of oromes people, unless we take a stronger empathy on the line that connects him with mandos instead

In the last case , if we'd interpret him as a member of mandos people he could be more connected to spirits, shadow, memory and death, the realms of his master. I suggest he might also be an advocate and seer.

I imagine him as smaller and more soft than the rather rough oremeian alatar, but maybe also as somewhat more dark and mysterious.
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