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    I'drather compare them to reman and gaulish warriors... except for the bent blades and the wolfriders.

    The Greek Soldiers to me are a thing I would compare the Feanorian Warrior to (except for the cavalry and the more individualised Gondolindrim housetroops).
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    I think that we are going to wind up with a certain amount of cherry-picking no matter what to avoid too direct a correlation to real-life cultures.
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    but still... there´s something of a parrallel... the Celts and Roman Armies were infantry based with the Spear and big shield as main weapon, swords as side weapons, little Cavalry , or cavalry and Archers/Slingers mainly auxiliary units (at last the romans and early celts) ...

    that´s much like the Orcs who fight with broad spears and carry bent swords and clubs as sidearms, have little cavalry (at least i don#t see wolfriders as too big units) and Archers... plus Orcs also wear broad rimmed helmets, scale and mail armour... much like the roman legionaire.

    The Noldor too... individual heavy armour, like the Hoplite, but scale instead of cuirass/linothorax, but also crested helmets and Spear plus sword (though long sword instead of shortblade, and the Noldo sword seems more of a main rather than sideweapon), and little cavalry (at the beginning), but many archers as a difference...

    also both cultures make use of the spearhead/campaigner/champion who engages in duel/1to1 combat... which of course was more ritualised/mantic in character for celts and Greeks... but does play a big role in the highly idealised/mythologized warfare Tolkien describes.

    but cherry-pickjing... of course that´s necessary... we don#t have any historical examples for balrogs or Trolls... who are like tanks, only that they´re close-combat units instead of artillery... so Beleriandic Warfare will always be a thing on it´s own.

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