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Will we be making alterations for the House of Finarfin? Or will they fly under Fingolfin’s banner?

Plus, will we be making alterations to Turgon’s forces after the disappearance to Gondolin?


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The disappearance to Gondolin is a Season 4 question, but yes, the gear and armor of Gondolin will continue to develop in isolation.


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Elven Helmets are described as High Helmets, with Spikes, Crests or Wings attached to them...

i suggest we´ll go for some of the higher spangenhelm types:

but add wings and Crests and Stuff like from Roman or Greek Types:

Ecthelion´s helmet has a jewel spike, so at last some Noldo-Captains should wear such Helmets...

in Lost Tales the House of Mole Warriors wear round steel-cap Helmets.. so maybe we also could use some of these types...

perhaps similar to this one, but without wings...
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I already did propose that maybe the Sindar wear Helmets more similar to dwarf-Helms...

perhaps similar to Vendelhelm types:

at least they should look visibly different from the Noldo Helmets, although maybe at later times, in Gondoloin where we´ll have a somewhat mixed culture, we could also add noldorin-like crestsm spikes ands Wings to them...


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If we want the Sindar to look different from the dwarves, we could also give the Roman types as the "Berkasovo"-type:
Or the "Intercisa"-type:



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[GALLERY=media, 210]elven weapons pt2 by Haerangil posted Aug 27, 2018 at 9:21 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 209]Elven weapon types by Haerangil posted Aug 27, 2018 at 9:21 PM[/GALLERY]


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I have recently given more thought to elvish weapon and armour and tried to imagine different weapon types they may have known and used...
First picture:

A - falcon, a heavy twybill, maybe used by noldor?
b- megil a hand and half or bastard sword or longsword, maybe sindar
c- ectha |a "thorn" or a short stabbing sword
E-tagula / heavy woodman's axe
f-naica /multi purpose knife-Dagger of the high elves
g /h- thacol nandorian light battle and throwing axe

Second picture:
A - crist, a cleaver-sword, maybe originally sindarian
b - falqan, falchion or heavy two-handed, single-edged sword, noldrian
c - yausta, epee, slender smallsword or sabre
d - hyando or hadh, cleaver
e - lango, cut&thrust sword a Broadsword or broad, straight, two-edged, cut-and-thrust sword
f - lhang, backsword or cutlass or short slashing or backsword
g- Andamacil, long sword
h- lamba, war-hammer, hammer-headed mace or clubarhammer or longhanded hammer-headed mace
i- ecthel, lancelike speartype
j-hadang, javelin type, short, iron-javelin
k- ecet, sword sword/dagger Short sword or short stabbing sword
l- sigil, leaf-bladed knife or dagger
m- cu, longbow
n- qingu, short composite bow
o -mictha, bill or bill-hook
p - duruaithi, glaive or pole-sword
q- engan, spear type
r- cri, dirk or longknife
s-cirma, sickle-blade
t 1
t2-Hathol -a one-headed sindarian battle-axe
t-artan, light war-Hammer
u-pelecco, light two-headed battle axe
v- vandl, mace
w-runda, spiked or iron-studded club
x-cirma, fighting knife, high-elven one-edged slightly curved knife
y - lhang, cutlas or short slashing or backswords
z- hadlath or sling

Nelekko -trident
ekke- harpoon
nasse-fishing spear
Dagla - boat-axe or falathron boatman's axe
makil or hathel - high elven broadsword
Dael - war hatchet or one-bladed cleaving-axe or long slashing-ax

No picture -syarsela, primitive avarin axe
No picture toloime, tloiwe -sling types
No picture limilpamba -war-flail
No picture Ek - a short throwing-spear or Throwing dart
No picture hathal, aith, anc - spear-types

Sorry for the very rough quality sketches...
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[GALLERY=media, 208]Elven helmets & Armor by Haerangil posted Aug 27, 2018 at 9:20 PM[/GALLERY][GALLERY=media, 207]Elven helmet types by Haerangil posted Aug 27, 2018 at 9:19 PM[/GALLERY]


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Some ideas about elves helmets and body armour...

First p7cture are more or less based on bres illustrations for the noldor, sl7ghtly modified,

The b8dy armour on pic 2 is my try of 7nventing something like the " Ambasse", the high elven breastplate or panoply or what it may have looked like.

1st picture helmet types are also bres designs, slightly modified, i gave them a larger " amloth" , or floral device on which a crest or plume could be fixed.

2nd picture 1st row are shieldtypes

Rest are various ideas for distinct sinda and noldo helm types and detail 8f the floral amloth device.


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Okay, my ideas so far:

I propose, at first neither noldor nor sindar do have a military tradition, both know some fighting but rather hunting and wild animals. Neither know about orcs.

So the noldor know what they have seen in valinor and expect to fight against demons, so their armor reflects their relative small knowledge about actual war as well as their love to arts and crafts.

I suggest their heavy warriors use:
High helmet
High treardrop shaped shield
long lance

I suggest they wear both, light fishmail-hauberk and a more rigid scale/plate cuirass/breastplate as well as greaves and shoulder-plates

They also have archers who are armed like normal footmen except for long spears, javelins and large shields,
they have very few horsemen who fight with a longer sword, roundshield and lance or spear.

They also have lighter armoured hunters and militiamen who i suggest use only light armor -if any at all- but spears, lances, short blades and bows.

Meanwhile the sindar have taken inspiration from the dwarves and additionally to their hunters, who are not armoured and use bow, spear and short blade they now have heavy armored elite troops wearing:
masked helmet,
round shield,
light axe or one handed axe,
short blade and
spear or javelin.

I suggest the heavy warriors wear both, long chain hauberk and a more rigid brigandine-like corslet, maybe lamellar or segmented.

I suggest they do not yet have horsemen.

The falathrim are not as ready to fight and yet only have sort if militiamen , lightly armored if at all, using spears, bows, tridents, short blades and one handed work-axes and guisarmes improvised into weapons.

The lindi have not rearmed and still use traditional bow, spear, javelin, hatchet, throwing axe, ling knife, large shield. Maybe they know something like obsidian blades and arrowheads...


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A few Ideas about padded Armor & Helmets for the Sindar...

[GALLERY=media, 215]Helmets & leather/padded Armor by Haerangil posted Oct 28, 2018 at 10:42 PM[/GALLERY]

For the Padded/leather Armour I took some inspiration from Bre´s drawings,

The Idea was that these "Tampa" (Stopper" as I named it) come from practical clothingworn by Mariners or Huntsmen, similar to Buffcoats, but are maybe used as improvidsed armor by the Falmari and Falathrim

The Helmets, Well I tried to get a bit away from Viking Helmets and I thought the Nandor may have worn Masks of some sort to intimidate Enemies or for Camouflage, those may have been inspired by plants, leaves or Beasts, maybe Birds... so that kind of "Nef" or Face combined with the dwarved masked helmet types could have inspired the Sindar to develope their own helmet types...

E and G are sort of skullcaps similar to those later worn by trhe House of the mole, maybe the lighter noldo militia could wear such helmet types, some are in-betwen stepy and mixed types...
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Well, sadly the Evil Guys have a serious problem with Ulmo, so Water isn´t their business.

But i remember that we´ve included a bit of Pirate Action between the Feanorians and the Falmari during the Kinslaying...

Nicholas Palazzo

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Well, sadly the Evil Guys have a serious problem with Ulmo, so Water isn´t their business.

But i remember that we´ve included a bit of Pirate Action between the Feanorians and the Falmari during the Kinslaying...

We did, since that fight happens mostly on the water. The Silmarillion even describes the opening blows of the conflict being the Teleri casting some of the Noldor into the water.


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In my notes i have found " sindar -Long Mail-Capes"

I do not remember the source for it but... would such a thing make sense, even if we'd imagine very light fantasy-material for this?


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In my notes i have found " sindar -Long Mail-Capes"

I do not remember the source for it but... would such a thing make sense, even if we'd imagine very light fantasy-material for this?
I don’t know, but when I think of mail capes, I think of the City Watch in Game of Thrones.


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You mean it could be basically just a somewhat longer coif, reaching over shoulders, breast and upper arms?